Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Suck it, Trebek.

Click on through for answers and frustrated commentary.

  1. In 2004 Iowa produced 2.2 million bushels of this
  2. The largest lake West of the Mississippi River it varies in size depending on the weather.
  3. The alternate title is "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"
  4. Curving outward
  5. The author of "Beloved" was the first African-American to win the Nobel prize for literature
  6. Julius Caesar's mistress Servilia was the mother of this conspirator who helped kill Caesar.
  7. Feathers flew in Washington when this wife of diplomat Joseph Wilson was outed as a CIA agent.
  8. Amylase & Lipase are these, which catalyze reactions in organisms without themselves changing
  9. His last words referred to his wife: "I know that I am going where Lucy is."
  10. Riyadh is the capital of this country.
  11. The first folio divided Shakespeare's plays into comedies, trageies & these
  12. One of Nevada's nicknames ties it to this metal.
  13. "Suddenly Seymour" & "Feed Me" are songs from this show.
  14. Term for a nuclear reactor that produces at least as much fissionable material as it uses.
  15. This Stravinsky work caused a riot when it premiered in 1913, in the season of its title.
  16. His 1963 book "Cat's Cradle" deals with Ice-9, an invention that leads to the end of the world.
  17. Doing lots of manufacturing in Washington State, it's the world's biggest aerospace company.
  18. "Have sword, will travel," could have been the motto of this most famous of crusader-fighting Muslim.
  19. A UPN series is based on the childhood of this comedian who hosted the Oscars in 2005.
  20. Among Hindu deities, Shiva is the destroyer & this is the preserver.
  21. This English poet died in 1824 while on a mission to fight for Greek independence
  22. This vast art museum in St. Petersburg was created by Catherine the Great in 1764.
  23. The cell formed by the union of 2 gametes
  24. "The Guns of" this month is about the events leading up to World War I
  25. He had a tough 1822 as he contracted VD & left unfinished his Symphony in B Minor.
  26. 4 states call themselves commonwealths: Massachusetts, Kentucky, Virginia & this one
  27. Common alphanumeric designation for the year also notated MM
  28. This "Privilege" lets Congressmen send out official mail without paying postage
  29. Some people found it just offal reading this 1906 Slaughterhouse saga
  30. In the mid-1950's Jasper Johns started painting a series depicting this iconic American object.
  31. The former creative director of Gucci, he put himself on the cover of the 2006 Vanity Fair Hollywood issue.
  32. 1 1/2 miles, this third leg of the triple crown is the longest of the 3 races.
  33. Tessie is the one chosen in this Shirley Jackson story about a macabre game of chance.
  34. It precedes "emptor" in a phrase meaning "let the buyer beware."
  35. In 1520 he really ticked off the pope with ideas like reducing the 7 sacraments to 2.
  36. Senhora is "lady" in this language spoken by about 180 million.
  37. Captain Corcoran is the "Right Good Captain" of this title ship
  38. 2 world capitals lie on South America's Rio de la Plata: Buenos Aires & this city
  39. Slander is spoken defamation; this is written defamation
  40. This Harry Potter creator has ruled the bestseller lists for almost a decade.
  41. It's caused by eddying in the atmosphere & pilots have to worry about it.
  42. Not as depressing as a depression, it's defined as 2 successive quarters of decline in real GDP.
  43. Term for any member of the set of positive or negative whole numbers.
  44. In 1994 he took over investigation of the whitewater affair.
  45. A statue of her was found on the island of Melos in 1820.
  46. Mel Gibson: "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"
  47. Olga, Masha & Irina are this playwright's three sisters.
  48. ;-)
  49. It's a small peninsula on Spain's Southern Mediterranean coast.
  50. Nationality of Soren Kierkegaard


Blogger Gator said...

Their answers. Help appreciated on nos. 15 and 19.

1. Corn
2. Great Salt Lake
3. Dr. Strangelove
4. Convex
5. Toni Morrison
6. Brutus
7. Valerie Plame
8. Enzyme
9. Rutherford B. Hayes
10. Saudia Arabia
11. Histories
12. Silver
13. Little Shop of Horrors
14. ?
15. The Rite of Spring
16. Kurt Vonnegut
17. Boeing
18. ?
19. Chris Rock
20. Vishnu
21. Byron
22. The State Hermitage Museum
23. zygote
24. August
25. Schubert
26. Pennsylvania
27. 2000
28. Franking Privilege
29. The Jungle
30. The American Flag
31. Tom Ford
32. The Belmont Stakes
33. The Lottery
34. Caveat
35. Martin Luther
36. Portuguese
37. HMS Pinafore
38. Montevideo
39. Libel
40. J.K. Rowling
41. Turbulence
42. Recession
43. Integer
44. Kenneth Starr
45. Aphrodite
46. Braveheart
47. Chekhov
48. Wink
49. Iberian
50. Danish

9:32 PM

Blogger Gator said...

My answers. The ones I got are bolded. The ones I Googled are rightfully asterisked.

1. Wheat
2. Lake Tahoe
3. Dr. Strangelove
4. Convex
5. Toni Morrison
6. Brutus
7. Valerie Plame
8. Sugars
9. Desi Arnez
10. Saudi Arabia *
11. Biographies
12. Silver
13. Little Shop of Horrors *
14. Efficient
15. Bombs Over Bagdad
16. Kurt Vonnegut
17. Boeing
18. Moors
19. Everyone Hates Chris
20. Ganesha
21. Byron
22. Kremlin
23. Neotide
24. November
25. Schubert *
26. Ohio
27. 2000
28. Diplomatic
29. The Jungle
30. Soup Cans
31. John Ford
32. Kentucky Derby
33. The Lottery *
34. Caveat
35. Martin Luther
36. Portuguese
37. Bounty
38. Paraguay
39. Libel
40. J.K. Rowlings
41. Turbulence
42. Recession
43. Integer
44. Kenneth Starr
45. Aphrodite *
46. Braveheart
47. Olag Kavn
48. Wink
49. Iberian *
50. Denmark

9:46 PM

Blogger Gator said...

So general comments:

Seriously pissed about: #19, where I completely spazzed on information overload. I mean, I could tell you costars of the TV show and who won Best Makeup in that year's Oscars.

Pretty pissed about: #31. I knew this was Tom Ford. That was a lucky memory snag but it transmuted to John Ford from brain to fingers.

Googling should definitely be frowned upon, but not without some grudging respect for the acrobatic keyboarding involved. Think about it: Fifteen seconds to punch some keywords into Google, wait for Comcast to hurry up and load, scan the results page for an answer, and type it back in. I'm not proud. Well, kind of.

Lucky catch: #21, Byron. I didn't deserve that.

Look at the categories, stupid: This was waaay easier than Jeopardy is. Fifteen seconds vs. a fraction of a second, really. But in Jeopardy you only have a handful of categories to worry about, as opposed to fifty here, which made checking the categories mostly impossible. If I had, though, these questions might've turned out differently:

#50, Kierkegaard is from "Denmark" but the category was was "Edible Response". Answer definitely should've been "Danish."

And not that I would've bagged #9 had I noticed the category was "Presidents and Their Wives," but I definitely wouldn't have answered "Desi Arnez" of I Love Lucy fame. Heh.

Fish, Chill, anybody else just taking it now, how'd you do.

10:13 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

Most notable error:
4. cervix - I know that I am absolutely retarded. Remember that we only had 15 seconds.... and that I'm retarded.

Most notable correct answer:
37. Pinafore - That's right b@*$hes... West Wing knowledge has come to help me in the world of Jeopardy. Gilbert and Sullivan got nothing on me.

Most notable answer that I knew but couldn't get figure out what to write in the 15 second time limit:
42. recession - I know... I'm retarded.

I have to run for a few hours, but I will provide my other answers (as best as I can remember since I didn't video myself) when I return.

10:19 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Actually got off work and then COMPLETELY forgot about this. I would've got a surprising number of them correct (to me) looking at the questions (or are they, technically, answers?) but, I don't know, half as many as Gator?

Love how you put Bombs Over Baghdad, Gator.

11:57 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

Here are my answers. The correct ones are bold:

1. Wheat
2. The Great Salt Lake
3. Hiroshima
4. Cervix
5. ?
6. Brutus
7. Valerie Plame
8. Catalyst
9. Reagan
10. Afghanistan
11. ?
12. Gold
13. ?
14. ?
15. Fall
16. ?
17. Boeing
18. ?
19. Chris Rock
20. ?
21. (I can't remember what I put)
22. ?
23. zygote
24. November
25. Mozart
26. Nevada
27. 2000
28. legislative
29. Slaughterhouse Five
30. The Statue of Liberty
31. Puff Daddy
32. The Preakness
33. The Ultimate Game
34. Causio
35. Martin Luther
36. Portugese
37. Pinafore
38. Rio de Janiro
39. Libel
40. ?
41. Turbulence
42. (I cannot believe I didn't answer this question)
43. Integer
44. Kenneth Starr
45. Cleopatra
46. Braveheart
47. ?
48. Wink
49. Gibralter
50. Hungarian

2:55 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

The post-mortem report:

So I answered 16 correctly, and G8R got 22 without Google's help. Ooops.. he wins - but I'm not all that disappointed with my showing.

I am, however, pissed about #4 - convex not cervix - - - I knew this but couldn't think of the stupid word. Also, same thing with #42 - recession. I think I was probably pretty close with 'Hungarian' on the last answer, but you can't eat 'hungry.' Oh well. Can you believe that I got "the preakness" rather than the Kentucky Derby? Closer to the Belmont Stakes as the second race rather than the first, but still wrong.

All in all it was pretty fun, and those who didn't participate missed out. Especially cause you get to check your answers on the Day Camp blog and nobody else does. HA!

Sidenote: I met former governor Gray Davis today and former governor Jerry Brown two weeks ago. That's two former governors in as many weeks..... and I get to go around with the next one. Just thought that was cool enough to say. I'm OUT!

3:04 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

Answer to:
14. breeder reactor.

And I think the answer to:
18. Saladin - but this one I'm not sure about

3:11 AM

Blogger Gator said...

Heh ... "Hiroshima" ... whatta dork!

8:15 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

You're going to kill be because i slept through the whole thing. I;m retarded, and i was sick. But it looks like I'd get close to none, i freak out under 15 sec. time limits.

Don't fret gator, perhaps they'll call you based on creativity and sheer looks.

10:01 AM


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