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DC SoCal easter

So here is the official notice... Spiff and I have decided that there is a need for a DC SoCal Easter. Therefore, all in the SoCal area (or even those who are not) are welcome. We are trying to figure out when and where exactly, so weigh in. If you are around, we would love to see you.


Blogger Gator said...

I'm coming down Apr. 13-15. And I love Easter! Have to ask Tues. if she's willing to share me, though.

5:57 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Come on y'all, let's spend Easter with our real family! Party in Frodo's dorm! Sardines?

10:57 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Tempting, but I gotta... Oh wait, I can't wait to head up to my Aunt's and hear Grandma tell me the same story 5 times in a row.

9:45 AM

Blogger Bruin said...

I think I'll be in SD. Want to have it there?

12:00 AM


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