Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Believe in the deep magic...

So....considering you guys know that I am slightly crazy, I thought I'd let you in on my little 9 month long secret/addiction. Since Daycamp ended, I've been following production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. It has been filmed in NZ like Lord of The Rings, with much of the same crew and CGI/makeup people. Walden/Walt Disney is producing it, but C.S. Lewis' nephew is in charge of everything. It is amazing how 'to the book' he's keeping it. I don't know if it interests you, but I'm stoked. 12.9.2005 is the release date and the remaining books will follow if it hits the box office hard. I can't wait to see Tilda Swinton play the White Witch. Lord knows she'd turn that fantasy into a horror story. Anyways, here's the site for news if it concerns you:, and here is the friggin awesome site with trailer/teasers: - hope to see if you guys like it too. ; ) Posted by Hello


ugh...go bears?

For those of you over 6 1/2 feet tall, this will be redundant.

Some back story:

Homeschooled throughout pre-college, I did what any self-respecting home-schooled po' family denizen could after high school: I went to Jr. College (Chabot College of Hayward, in Hayward, for those playing at home.) I didn't like it. So I dropped out, took a semester off, and went to another Jr. College (Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara.) I liked it for the first semester. And then I met Meredith and fell - pretty much - in love. My social life grew by leaps and bounds. For the math-inclined, my GPA acted pretty much the reciprocal. So I moved to Meredithville and went to another JC (Santa Rosa Junior College in - haha! no, you're wrong - Petaluma.) I liked it. The scenery and company didn't leave much to be desired, so I got to the point (finally) where transferring became an option. My non-existent GPA at Chabot (a semester of W's) and my mediocre GPA at (3.5 the first sem. and, um, 1.8 the second (see - love does make you stupid)) led me to believe that my only option would be Sonoma State. Not a bad school, I thought. Nice surroundings. But I always had this idea that I wanted to go to a UC. I discovered that SRJC had a transfer agreement program with UC Davis (in Davis), guaranteeing my acceptance if my GPA was above 3.0. Because I had done a gooder job at SRJC, I qualified for this. Then I got the idea that I'd try - not very hard, because I figured my chances of acceptance were hovering just slightly above nil - to get into Cal (in California.) Per my luck, I ran into all kinds of snags. A transfer counselor steered me wrong, failing to inform that a class I needed was available only during the current semester (last fall), which information I found out 2/3 of the way into said semester. Consequently, I had 1 out of the 4 major prep requirements necessary to study English at Berkeley. According to the guy from Berkeley (Keith Schoon, in Berkeley), I needed a really strong essay to supplant my incomplete prep work and slightly-marred (by that 1.8, in Santa Barbara) GPA. Needless to say, my hopes were not set too high.

And that brings us to today, April 29, the day when UCB (in Berkeley) informs the would-be transfer students (in various other places) as to whether they have been accepted or not. Knowing that I had a guarantee transfer to UC Davis (in Chicago), I hadn't put too much stock into Berkeley's decision. Still: when I read the words:

Dear Michael,

On behalf of the University community, it is my honor to offer you admission to Berkeley!

I was slightly dumbfounded, a little bit nervous, and more than a shade excited. So there it is: my little league dream has come true, the A's won the pennant, we landed on the moon, and I'm going to Cal.

Help me out

Iron and Wine's "The Trapeze Swinger" sure has enough lyrics. After reading them, I have some ideas about what this song means, but I'm still left a bit perplexed. I was just wondering, because some of you love it so much, what's your take on this song? Particularly, religion/heaven/God/is he the trapeze swinger or am I because I feel fractured and swung around by the end of the song? Just opening this can up, but feel freet to toss me aside if it seems too obvious to put into words.

I have a feeling a few of you don't need this link, but for the rest of you, I'm sorry I couldn't be all convenient-like and make a nicely packaged link. I just lack the skills.


The best yearbook picture ever!


How can someone sooooooo hot and humble (snicker) not only suck at racking up the ladies, but gets flat out deuced by one? Maybe the letter wasn’t such a bad idea? Seriously that’s one of the only pictures of me smiling that I don’t look like Satan. J




I just broke into “killing me softly with his song” with some of the guys in the dorm when it came on the radio. That leads to my next point… This silence is killing me!

Anywho, if you haven’t guessed I’m in what most of you would call a silly mood tonight. Here’s a thought, pick a time in the past that you could go back just as you are now. When would it be, and why?

I personally would pick the mid 50’s. Why? Cause Girls were Girls and Men were Men. And we didn’t know/care that cigarettes kill you. Not to mention McDonalds.

Take from this what you will,

Hope I spiced up your day,



I'm done!

i'm done! yes it is finished my 3rd year of univeristy, Friday was my last day now i'm officially in vacation mode and loving it! I leave for Florida Wednesday night, on a red eye for my sisters grad, then after a week in FL I'm off to the island, Vancouver Island, Tophino one of the most beautiful places in the world I hear...then Northen B.C. for a wedding...and at last back to Califonia mid May to report for Jury Duty on May 18th...civil duties- yuck! I get called every year! -- this is my TWU promotional shot- come to TWU and you too will look as happy and carefree as I....

Can I mention?

I'm trying to write the e-mail that directors are supposed to write around this time (okay, it was supposed to be out a few weeks ago) and I've got nothing. It's worse than writer's block, really. I'm queasy. It was easy to burp out some enthusiastic words last year because I was in unfamiliar shoes and didn't know what to expect. But you guys proved far more powerful than I had anticipated, handling kids and each other with the kind of grace usually reserved for veteran sports stars. I don't know if you guys understand what I'm talking about, what it's like to head up a group that could quite clearly plow through enormous challenges and obstacles without you, but try to imagine strapping yourself to the cattle-catcher of a runaway locomotive and trying to watch the scenery. You guys overwhelmed me last year and I'm coming to this summer a little shy.


P.S. I swear, if this post turns into another mutual love-in I'm gonna sock somebody.

missing you

I just spent the weekend at a retreat center in Big Bear climbing ropes courses and hangning out with a campus group I'm a part of called peer helpline. It made me think of mount hermon because of the whole camp thing. The ropes guys there actually train and inspect our ropes course stuff at mount hermon. Standing on top of the tree, waiting to jump out to a trapese(Trapese Swinger Mike, yeah I like), I realized how brave our little fifth and sixth graders are. I seriously almost cried. And then I thought of Fish calling me a hack, and I did it. But nobody there would have told me to man up. I love that you guys challenge me. Spending time in a completely different community gave me insight into how special our community is. I would far rather be getting lost driving to where ever it is we went for our retreat with you guys, than have things run smoothly with peer helpline. I love them, but they are from a different world. I'm trying to say I love and appreciate who you all are in my life.


Down on the Farm keeping dibs on Dan Meyer's baseball success (or lack thereof.)

From the Oakland Athletics' web site:

"Lefty prospect Dan Meyer, who struggled mightily in losing his first two starts at Sacramento, picked up his first win Tuesday, allowing a run on five hits and five walks over five innings to lower his ERA to 7.62."

Having failed to make the cut for the A's major league squad, Meyer was sent to the Triple-A Wildcats. Where he, run into some trouble. Apparently he spends the vast majority of his practice time playing Halo, which is throwing off his delivery (which now resembles more closely the chucking of a hand-grenade than an actual pitcher's wind-up.) Nonetheless, hope is held that Meyer will improve and make it to The Show.

For your viewing pleasure, two pictures.


I just wanted to put a picture of myself up.

Getting ready to move the stage. Seriously!

the sun has come out

Hey guys the sun has come out it’s actually they first time all yeah that I’ve sat outside in the sun, studying for finals I have one more final to write and a paper. So appreciate the sun you Californians. I had some friends over for supper on Monday night and some how we got onto the conversation of pranks—DC stories definitely were told, I felt a bit nostalgic for my summer, and sad I wasn’t going to be there.

Being Editor-in-Chief of Pillar the yearbook is already happening with meeting with the printers, the photographers, setting deadlines for next year, eeee possible a trip to D.C. this summer- yeah Fish I thought of you, plus I’ll now need to be back at TWU in mid August to plan for the year, organize my office -and get ready for a year of design and photography.(Gator it reminded me of you) Oh man sometimes when I think of what I signed up for I wonder what I was smoking --it will be such hard work.but I hope I can fill in, or maybe just hang out for a week with you guys, a small tear is falling down my cheek.

Love you


Life anyone?

Okay, so i know that you are all desperate to find out what is going on in Scouts life! Well, I will tell you. And i know that you are all checking this as much as me (like 10 times a day) so i know that you will read this. Well, I am now on my third quarter at Cal Poly and loving it. I play racketball as much as I can. I am taking 5 classes and they are going good. College has become something so different since i have been in it. I have come to realize that college is not just about school but I know that God has been teaching me so much through the crazy life in the dorms. I miss out on all of the parties...really disappointed...NOT! I do get to experience the parties every weekend because all the drunk people come back to the dorms and that is probably the most exciting part, except when they throw up all over the bathroom. I don't really study too much and did okay last quarter but I am doing more reading this quarter so it is going a lot better. I can sit still longer than 30 min. anymore (like I ever was able to before but I just didn't know it at the time). I still try to avoid school work this quarter but seem to be doing better in my classes. I have taken three different groups to my grandparents ranch and went on Campus Crusade's Men's retreat, also at my grandparents ranch. I am taking a Lacrosse class and LOVE the class. It is sooo cool! I didn't know how to play before and i am one of three guys in the class so I get "special attention", and get to meet really cool girls! (I mostly meet the girls that also do not know how to play so they get the same attention as me.) I don't have a girlfriend, I liked a girl earlier this year but it didn't really work out, so I am still VERY single. I have met a lot of people at school and they are all really cool. Some people call me famous because they think I know so many people, it helps to have two sisters that have gone to the same school as you to meet people! I am in a bible study that has awesome guys and am being discipled once a week by a really cool guy. I am involved in Campus Crusade and have met a lot of people there. I get to hang out with Dixie at least once a week and don't really see anyone else much (sadly!!!!!) I miss everyone and wish I could see all of you right now. I don't know what else to update on but I am glad that I can share a part of my life with you all!


somebody please say something

my last post was not intended to take over... i check this thing compulsively and that means that i want to hear from you all. SPEAK!


I previously answered this question insufficiently

In our interviews last summer, Chilly asked me "Why Politics?" I answered something you may all see one day on a DVD- - - but the answer was flacid and uninteresting. Today in my political theory class I found a more suitable answer. I'll warn you that I am really dorky and this may seem lame/dry/boring/alloftheabove, but this stuff seriously gets me excited and so I wanted to share. (Disclaimer: This is Aristotle and I only understand it because a brilliant professor has lectured on it for 4 - 5 days... so take this for what you think it's worth. I don't necessarily agree with everything said, but I think the principle is incredibly interesting.)

"Knowledge of the good would seem to be the concern of the most authoritative science, the highest master science. And this is obviously the science of politics, because it lays down which of the sciences there should be in cities, and which each class of person should learn and up to what level. And we see that even the most honourable of faculties, such as military science, domestic economy, and rhetoric, come under it. Since political science employs the other sciences, and also lays down laws about what we should do and refrain from, its end will include the ends of the others, and will therefore be the human good. For even if the good is the same for an individual as for a city, that of the city is obviously a greater and more complete thing to obtain and preserve. For while the good of an individual is a desirable thing, what is good for a people or for cities is a nobler and more godlike thing. Our enquiry, then, is a kind of political science, since these are the ends it is aiming at." -Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics


I did it! for real this time!

This is us on the dipper. I think if this is not the best picture of Tuesday ever taken. Than it's definitely a contender for her top 5.

Wanna hear something funny?

That's my line!

I'm seriously, come on man.

Okay, wanna hear something funny?

A while back, I posted a couple of snide comments here about, on account of their main page which makes all these huge promises of (e.g.) "Honest, Essential Critique," when from my experience, it's a bunch of freshmen posting anonymously, illiterately, and unconstructively, hardly "essential" stuff to my practice. Some dude who wasn't from around our parts replied, "Enjoy!" on the same page towards the bottom. Clicking on his name reveals he owns Heh.


P.S. And I'm done making a secret of the fact that I check this place more often than my e-mail, so do me a big favor on this Humpday here and don't be stingy with news or random comments, 'kay?

My algebra opener yesterday: "Would you rather an alligator eat you or a crocodile?"


I miss it BAD

Dang kids. I just read through like two months of your blogs and was completely entertained. This Egyptian guy next to me kept looking over wondering why the laughter I was trying to contain kept spilling out and for that matter why I was laughing so hard. I love you guys.

Egypt is awesome and life is good, but to explain anything would take all day and I have Homework to do so maybe later.

This summer I will be back at the Mount living with my family and God willing taking an Arabic class at UCSC. I am looking forward to enjoying all the benefits of summer social life at Mount Hermon and the prime luxury of living with my family and being able to drink water out of the tap once again. Although officially I will not be working at DC this summer, my appearance I am sure will not be missed. Perhaps I can make a little cash on the side taking fountain allowances from kids in exchange for the real names of counselors.

Anyway, this Blog thing is awesome, I will have to entertain myself with your lives more often.

(lets see if this arabic shows up)
مع سالما


Folgers Moment w/Disco

So while I'm envious that Day Camp Socal got to hang out at the same Tyrone Wells concert last night, I got to have a pajama party with Disco. Nyah nyah.



Get comfortable

I was thinking a lot about what I wrote earlier. I’m having to write a paper on spiritual gifts. I was reading 1 Corinthians, and it got to the part about speaking in tongues. I know some of you know this but here’s my view on tongues. I think it’s a gift to interpret and speak other “non-native” tongues. That is however, when I got to about verse 22. It talked about talking directly to God in tongues. It also says that one should not speak in tongues around others if an interpreter is not present. I then started to pray. (Paraphrased) “God if you truly have people speak to you in ‘tongues’ then give me the gift of interpret it.” Well see I guess.
You’re probably wondering, “Well Spidey that’s a very nice story and all but what does that have to do with what you wrote earlier?” And believe me when I say I can ramble with the best of them but stick with me here!
When I got done praying a sort of light turned on in my head. (Not spiritual but practical)….. (Not to say the spirit isn’t practical, but you get my meaning….) Anyway back on topic. I haven’t prayed to the Lord for inner peace in a long time. Last summer I think. I haven’t handed it over to God. Instead I’ve been looking to man and the media for a way to deal with my high strung personality. Then I came to realize that when I’m with you guys (Get ready to cry Rudy…and to roll your eye’s Gator) I’m constantly reminded to hand it over to God by your words but most importantly your actions. You all speak to me largely with your actions. ie. Bruin getting me coffee with no motivation other that her caring nature (by the way, thanks Bru Bear), Spiff’s intuitiveness to know something’s wrong, and his boldness not to just let it sit and fester but to bring it to light and ask me what’s up. Leslie’s and both Bernal Sister’s mothering contribution to the group (nay not a group, you make it a family). Frodo, you Shaggs and Furbs showed me unconditional acceptance no matter how much I screwed up. I could go to any of you and not worry about being looked down on for my failing. I would only be shown love & prayer. Gator, as the example of a calm nature and a close commune with God. Fish you showed me the example of how the power God changes people’s hearts.

Rudy….well you know.

No Fish and Gator…It’s just that it’s between me and her. I really don’t want to hear any 8th grade humor. I do love it though.

So that's why I think I'm different as Spidey. He prays for guidance and has good examples.

Stay classy,

(4u, 4ever)

p.s. Gator, I was kidding about the rolling eyes thing


Career Update

So on days like today, when a kid called me a "racist bastard" and it was all I could do to keep from laughing at him, I feel like I'm really earning my impending summer break.

Compare that to days like yesterday, when four of my precalculus students bought me this ridiculous XXXL T-shirt that I felt compelled to wear around campus the entire day to the utter delight of my freshmen and the complete befuddlement of my co-workers, days when I'm pretty sure I could work this beat 'til I die. (Or until all the high school students do; your pick.) Feels like I'm scamming the system somehow.

See you not soon enough,



i feel like i so easily can tell of tragedy but then i never tell y'all when stuff goes good- so here's the update, i got a new car 2002 ford escort, the sun was out yesterday for a brief moment, my uncle is cancer free, i saw my grandparents this weekend, i'm not as bad as math as i thought...yeah so there is my little list of goodness sunshine on another rainy day in b.c.


Baseball '05

Looks like the Athletics made a poor decision. Gator - you're letting us all down.

An excerpt:

"Rookie Dan Meyer and Japanese import Keiichi Yabu, two of the four top candidates for the two openings in Oakland's starting rotation, were less than stellar in their Cactus League debuts Friday, and both had similar theories on their struggles.

Meyer, who got the start against the visiting Brewers, made quick work of the first two batters he faced but gave up three runs with two outs. He also gave up three runs with two out in the second inning and finished with an unsightly [ed. - bold and italics my own] line of seven runs on six hits and a walk."

And this guy is supposedly fit to be our Day Camp Big Cheese? Puuuhhhllleeeezzzee - he can't even get a win against the BREWERS, a drunken team named after a drunken occupation from a drunken town. Bob Russell, we need to have a little talk.


There are things right now that I have to be thankful for, and I thought maybe I'd share them with you guys... Feel free to do the same.

I got in to a couple graduate schools, and feel God leading me in the direction of Fuller Theological Seminary, to become a Psychologist. And I'm stoked about it.

Things are panning out to go to Afrcia this summer with my school to do HIV education and counceling. Which I'm uqually stoked about. This unfortunately means that I won't be able to work at Day Camp, but I will have some time to visit and fill in, so don't you worry.

Tuesday and Disco are on their way to saving lives.

Mike won $24 last night at poker. (And didn't lose $300+ in Vegas on a whim, kidding I'm just jealous I couldn't go)

I have amazing friends, many of which I get to see even though distance would like to keep us apart. (I'm talking about y'all)

The sun is a shinin' and the flowers are a bloomin'.

Thank you God.



Thanks for coming up Tuesday. I had so much fun. Even though nothing worked out the way I had planned.
Today Gator is (supposedly) coming down for a men’s conference at Mount Hermon. However I am highly suspect of an April Fools joke on me. You see I went down to check scheduling for work (with Tuesday, such fun) and I happened to ask if there was a men’s conference.

They said no.
So I asked is there any conference at all.
They said yes.
Which one?
They informed me it was a women’s conference.
Suspicions grow.

Now, I know that Gator’s men thingy may be at pondy. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an elaborate ruse to get my hopes up then dash them to dust by him not showing up. So I pose this to Mr. Daniel Meyer. If in fact you are coming then please post so in front of us all.