Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


somebody please say something

my last post was not intended to take over... i check this thing compulsively and that means that i want to hear from you all. SPEAK!


Blogger Christopher said...

I have stuff to say all the time; I just try to limit myself so I don't monopolize the blog.

Things that happened:

I gave blood today. Someone passed out after they gave. It was kinda cool. Their okay.

They are finally starting to put grass down on the rec field. I was getting a little worried for a while that we wouldn't have a field.

We also got a brand new deck out front of day camp. I wonder how long it will take to warp this time?

That’s what’s new.

2:50 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

How often do you head over to Mt. Hermon, Spidey?

2:54 PM

Blogger Bruin said...

I went North to Sonoma this weekend for my grandmother's wedding (wierd I know, but cool) and was reminded of how beautiful it is up there. You NorCal kids have it good. Go for a country drive while playing Iron and Wine, and enjoy the green rolling hills before they turn brown. Serenity. For those of you wondering if old people know how to party; in Sonoma they do. The wine was a flowing.

4:56 PM

Blogger Gator said...

1848h: Currently watching Lark tell some story to the entire third and fourth grade, something about being banned for life from somewhere or other. Currently deciding that possibly the most fun part of this job is the bountiful opportunities to lie to children. Am I alone, I wonder.

6:49 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Mike: I work there, so I average about 3 times a week. I park in the rec field parking lot so because the weekend guest groups fill up parking everywhere else. So I get to see Day Camp often. However it's just not the same. Not to sound condicending, but you'll understand by September.

Bruin: Why didn't you tell me you were coming to Nor-Cal? Sonoma wine country would have been fun. Besides, your so much fun buzzed.

7:17 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

You 'ere up in my neck o' the woods, Bruin. And, you know, Iron & Wine is probably the best music to play while driving through. Especially Trapeze Swinger.

12:06 AM

Blogger Gator said...

Hey, does anyone have any thought one way or the other on inviting the new counselors to this blog? Kind of as an introduction? Or would the whole thing be just a little bit too much?

7:31 AM

Blogger Scout said...

I know personally that if i got invited, that i would have been soooo excited and really loved it. I say invite them, they will love it!

9:47 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

I say go for it Gator.

1:05 PM

Blogger Bruin said...

I feel internal conflict lying to kids. Their little worlds are rocked when they find out santa isn't real. Their foundation of truth precariously rests on what we tell them. But it's fun to let people think we're cool. This summer I'm going to be Jackie Bower, and marry Jon Stuart.

2:10 PM

Blogger Lark said...

I'm ok lying to expands their imaginations

9:39 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

For the record, that story Lark has been telling all summer long, is about being kicked out of disneyland for stealing the apple from the snow white ride.

AND for the record, she stole that from me.

and for the record, she stole that from me.

....and yes its true. it really happened to my roommate, she really was kicked out and just recently was allowed back into the park.

10:05 AM


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