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Get comfortable

I was thinking a lot about what I wrote earlier. I’m having to write a paper on spiritual gifts. I was reading 1 Corinthians, and it got to the part about speaking in tongues. I know some of you know this but here’s my view on tongues. I think it’s a gift to interpret and speak other “non-native” tongues. That is however, when I got to about verse 22. It talked about talking directly to God in tongues. It also says that one should not speak in tongues around others if an interpreter is not present. I then started to pray. (Paraphrased) “God if you truly have people speak to you in ‘tongues’ then give me the gift of interpret it.” Well see I guess.
You’re probably wondering, “Well Spidey that’s a very nice story and all but what does that have to do with what you wrote earlier?” And believe me when I say I can ramble with the best of them but stick with me here!
When I got done praying a sort of light turned on in my head. (Not spiritual but practical)….. (Not to say the spirit isn’t practical, but you get my meaning….) Anyway back on topic. I haven’t prayed to the Lord for inner peace in a long time. Last summer I think. I haven’t handed it over to God. Instead I’ve been looking to man and the media for a way to deal with my high strung personality. Then I came to realize that when I’m with you guys (Get ready to cry Rudy…and to roll your eye’s Gator) I’m constantly reminded to hand it over to God by your words but most importantly your actions. You all speak to me largely with your actions. ie. Bruin getting me coffee with no motivation other that her caring nature (by the way, thanks Bru Bear), Spiff’s intuitiveness to know something’s wrong, and his boldness not to just let it sit and fester but to bring it to light and ask me what’s up. Leslie’s and both Bernal Sister’s mothering contribution to the group (nay not a group, you make it a family). Frodo, you Shaggs and Furbs showed me unconditional acceptance no matter how much I screwed up. I could go to any of you and not worry about being looked down on for my failing. I would only be shown love & prayer. Gator, as the example of a calm nature and a close commune with God. Fish you showed me the example of how the power God changes people’s hearts.

Rudy….well you know.

No Fish and Gator…It’s just that it’s between me and her. I really don’t want to hear any 8th grade humor. I do love it though.

So that's why I think I'm different as Spidey. He prays for guidance and has good examples.

Stay classy,

(4u, 4ever)

p.s. Gator, I was kidding about the rolling eyes thing


Blogger Fisher-man said...

thanks yo'

2:44 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

Love you Spidey. Thanks for calling me whenever you need to talk. You make me cry. Group Hug Everyone!

2:10 PM

Blogger Bruin said...

Thanks for the encouragement Spidey

11:27 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

What can I say? I'd gone so long without a sappy tear jerking(sp?) moment.

Thanks for humoring an old kid.


P.s. I saw Sin City the other day.
Two thoughts

1.Fliping awesome!
2. I never can look at poor Frodo the same way again. (hint) Elijah Wood is in it.

2:30 PM


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