Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Snap's Wedding, Who's in?



DC07 is coming to a end

Hey all! I just wrote this huge blog post but then accidently deleted the whole thing so this redo is going to be shorter. I hope that everyone who work or experenced Day Camp this summer had a great time. I feel I can speak for the 07 staff when I say we loved having retired counselors stop by and help.

Frodo doing Mrs. P all summer (Camper: Why is Mrs. P so short?), helping out at the rock-wall, doing crafts, or whatever was needed.

Who and Sushi for filling in when we needed them too and doing a great job (Hope the hammy is better big guy)

Gator with a great rules video

Crush and Scout for jumping right in and helping out

Fisher for bringing the fish-factor to DC and kinda helping out but just being there to mix things up which was great

Jav, Jayber, Rudy, Muppet and Gator for just being around to give a little bit of that family vibe. Love it

Spidey for dropping off some treats off-and-on. Thanks buddy

I know I'm forgetting people because the list was longer.

Next point... NEWS YEARS 07 is going to be off the hook. Spring Break in December 07 will be great. Gator and I will be in contact to get new counselors emails so they can get on this blog and start the RSVP list and such. Depending on how many people come will depend on where we do it. Hopefully at RMG's house like last year. Details to follow... See you all soon!

-Your baby boy Daff


A little prayer please

Hey guys,

I'm having a little money problem with school. I'll take care of it for sure! It's my senor year and my motivation is high to get school behind me. However, I have learned in situations like this that God listens when many people are praying. So the next time that you're saying a prayer for dinner, in a prayer group, or whatever; if you could lift up a little bit of: "...hey Jesus, help Spider-man finish strong.", that would be awesome. Cause God is awesome, and all of this is nothing for him!

Thanks you guys
I'll see many of you at Snaps' wedding,

with love,
-Christopher McLovin


I tried to retire two years ago.

But I had to do this one thing first.


Here's to an awesome summer!

After dancing with Jack, everything is underwhelming...


what you missed this last week......

i am sick in bed. i have 2 hours to be completely healed in order that i can get in a car and drive for 10 hours to oregon. did i mention that our very own twinkle is getting married, and that is why i have to be in a car, sleeping on people who are most likely going to catch my sars, and driving to above and beyond. so in order to make myself feel better and less bored, i figured i would give you the highlights of this last week at mount hermon. maybe if you all close your eyes, you can pretend that you were here too and laugh with me. we had a plethora of dc alumni come and visit us....we had scout, corker (shammon), crusher, javelin, jayber, and the one and only who. conversations went from skin diseases on shammon's arm to giving "someone" the rundown to hickey making. there was a 6 person dance party in the lanyard window that went into the wee hours of the morning to performing "i'm not a dc counselor anymore so i can do whatever, say whatever, and wear whatever i want in skits." it is very rare that you get a chance to go in after hours and make up your own fairy tale skits and do them whatever style you like. it was sheer beauty. there were injuries on the slip n' slide (who), massive sleepovers, meteor showers that involved being cold and plenty of steamrolling. where else can you come and eat taqueria 5 days in a row and still not get tired of it.....okay maybe tired enough of trying everything on the menu. what im trying to say is that if you haven't been here to visit....there is still time to come. my hopes is that as you read this you all feel so pathetically sad and get your asses here. on that note, farewell.....if anyone gets bored and wants to light up my life with a couple of phone calls this weekend, i am all ears and will be very bored in a car or in a hotel. love you all more than linus loves his blankie.


we're famous!!

ok, not really...

but here's the story: danny and i took engagement pictures... but those weren't worth posting. THESE however, might be. a while ago, i got intrigued with this site called "trash the dress."
long story short, we ended up doing a photo session and the pictures were really fun. now, we're being featured on the site! if you hurry, you can still check them out, they were posted tonight!

miss you guys... and PLEASE... rsvp!




You guys really need to RSVP for Snaps please... i don't wanna tread on your post girl... Please see Snaps post below!!!!

But i wanted to do an update/prayer request!

Tomorrow i start my teaching duties as a 7th grade math teacher at Freedom Middle School. I am following in the footsteps of our great leader Gator. And I'm scared outta my boots.

Though tomorrow I don't actually have children, I do have all the pre-setup planning duties. So please pray that I can get everything or at least understand everything. And In particular; August 20th, which not only is Tad's 25th Birthday, but also the first day of school.

I'm already copying everything Gator has said about first day instructions right down to the "cup exercise". So just pray for my nerves that seem to have been steadily growing over the past month since I was hired on.


(p.s. - also, send a prayer out for Chafer, he starts his brand new high school english teacher career as well)

(p.p.s. - If you're on Staff, i had information leaked to me that my dear Michael Plaza is a camper this week, please give him a huge hug for me!)

ummm i need your RSVPs!!

so, are you guys coming to my wedding??

i know camp and life are a whole lotta craziness, but it would be great if i could get a little holla back from you all!

and spidey, i've been trying to contact you, but i don't have your right number, email, address, or myspace. so, call me. or something.

and remember, if you want to come, you're invited... just let me know... please!

september 1, 2007
630 pm

6920 ravine court newcastle california 95658


we have a berfday.

its your special day, javelin.


Oh yeah, the boats are back! Now I can finally take Ruby out to the middle of the river for that drowning I've been planning for 5 years.

Yours always,