Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Big news!

That's right! The hair is cut and the beard is off!

It's a little colder nowadays.


DC Spotter #3

I certainly hate to steal Hula's thunder for her more imaginative contest down below, but it's Wednesday and I'm out of Scotch so your guesses are going to have to pull me through today.

Same rules apply: 1) unlimited guesses, 2) don't be a punk about it, 3) the warp whistle is off limits. Given that some postal employee thought Hula's card cool enough to skife, the prize shall remain a one-of-a-kind collector's edition postcard from Elk Grove. Hand-sent. Plus you're immortalized down below in the List O' Winners. Yeah!

a) Which counselor is featured in this photo?
b) Where is s/he?

[Update: Dagnab! Hula shut this one down in only a little over two hours becoming the first double-winner in DC Spotter history and officially killing my buzz. I haven't even started teaching yet. Promise: harder next time.]

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Past Winners
DC Spotter #3 - Hula
DC Spotter #2 - Who
DC Spotter #1 - Hula


Postcard Guessing Contest

You may have heard that I won (with the help of my friends –thanks Rudy & Fish) the first “DC Spotter” contest. If you enjoyed that contest, you’re sure to love the Postcard Guessing Contest. Here’s how you play:

a) I have yet to receive my prize for winning the contest (a postcard from Gator). So, try to guess the date and time of when the postcard will arrive to me. The guess that is closest to the actual date and time, wins!
b) Oh yes, my friends, it is that simple. If the date and time you guess passes and I still haven’t received a postcard, you may guess again.
c) Winner gets a postcard from beautiful Santa Barbara that will be mailed within 48 hours.

Good luck guessing!


A world of thanks

I just want to thank all the the Day Camp Fellas for all of the encouragement that I have received in the past couple of weeks. I just got back to school to find my care package waiting for me. I honestly can't express how much your words and gestures mean to me. You truly lift me up when I am feeling down. You have for the past three years, and you continue to do so. I promise to contact all of you personally and express this better, but for now I am grateful beyond words.

D.C.M. for life.


She Still Surfs

Even in the rain, someone's gotta wake up Mrs. Polnachek. Real good to see all of you. (Click for larger.)



New Friend

This is Katherine, she has asked to be a member of the DC Boyz Myspace Group. I have to say she has good taste. But I'm not sure if she meets the criteria. I was going to say no, but I wanted to know what you guys think. Her fate is in your hands.



DC Spotter #2

Not to distract from Fish's blatherings, but for those interested in playing:

a) Which counselor is featured in this photo?
b) Where is s/he?

Winner gets the first postcard in a limited edition project of mine. I don't want to give too much away but I will say the series is entitled, "Things That Will Someday Be Poo," and it's one-of-a-kind.

No limit on guesses.


[Update: Who picked this one after only four photos. Not too freaking bad, Who.]

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Past Winners
DC Spotter #2 - Who
DC Spotter #1 - Hula


I wasn't going to do this originally, but I wanted you all to know the truth.

I know Gator and I have had our differences before... but this is different. Gator has certainly been a benevolent leader in times past, however, I think it is important that I take a moment to let you in on his darker side. Copied below is the text of an e-mail G8R sent to me. This isn't intended to turn anyone against him - I'm just in the business of truth.

I love you all.


(Here is the e-mail G8R sent me)

You should shut up about your stupid "crib" video. You'll never see it if I have my way. If you don't, well then, remember when I got the whole board to turn against you? This is just a taste of what I'll drop on your ass.


I know how to doctor e-mails. See below:

Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 14:36:24 PDT
From: Ryan Sears
Subject: I hate day camp...

Gator....... Day camp sucks. I can't believe I worked there for 4
summers, especially with all those stupid people. Day Camp's anniversary should be F*#ktober 1st. (edit done afterward by the real Fish)



Go ahead G8R

Why don't you tell everyone about your favorite new month?

Don't be shy....


God has blessed me...

I love you all very much!



Hey, check this out

They made a movie about Spidey's mom! Mrs. Henderson Presents.


i'm back

I'm home....a little tired and forever changed...
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DC Spotter #1

Which counselor is featured in this photo and what is s/he doing? Less blurry images posted throughout the day. Winner gets a postcard from me. Yeah! Yeah!


[Update: Hula wins. Way to go, Hula. Click past the jump for the whole contest.]

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Past Winners
DC Spotter #1 - Hula


Frodo's new number

Does anyone have Mr. Frodo's new cell? Or Frodo can you hook me up? I tried calling you but got nothing.

Its sooo addicting...

Ok you guys, because its been showing on Bravo every morning at 11, and because i recently quit my job and was home for a bout a month, i've become addicted to THE WEST WING. THe only thing is its all outta order so i haven't the slightest idea what is going on. Now i know I've overheard west wing conversations over the years, So if anyone is willing to let me borrow the first couple of seasons or whatever you have so i may also become fully emmersed in this show!


Feeling pretty effed up ...

So after five hours in Urgent Care yesterday, which included 20 minutes for an EKG, 40 minutes for a CT scan, and four hours to read an Entertainment Weekly cover to cover and back again, here's what I've got figured:

See in the heart there's the right atrium and the left ventricle and in my case, man, they hate each other. I'm pretty sure it's a racial thing, red against white blood cells, but it may be related to a prize-winning Jersey cow the right stole from the left like fifty years ago. Used to be they only staged a turf war once in a while but lately they've been at it pretty much 24/7, from when I wake up to when I go to sleep.

Heartburn has been the ongoing diagnosis but I'm skeptical. I was in a lot of pain third period and felt weak while writing on the board. It's a little unnerving and I wanted you, my friends, to know and to ask for your prayer if you think about it. Thanks.




Arm pit of the State

Okay, so i know that people refer to Bakersfield as the armpit of the state and at points it really is. But my brother-in-law and his brother have made a very funny music video that was put on Bakersfield news, they were even interviewed twice for it! So, please check it out at I know you will love it and it will give you more ideas of what to make fun of Bakersfield for!

To all who have called, texted, written, or just yelled really loudly in my general direction:

Sorry. I've been really busy lately. I promise I'll return calls, &c. sometime before January.

To all who haven't called, texted, written, or just yelled really loudly in my general direction:

shame on you.


This May Be Random...

...considering I can't come to Thanksgiving camp, I don't know who is going, and I'm not sure if there are any available spots. I just wanted to encourage those that are going to Thanksgiving Camp and those considering it (if there are spots available).

It is a BLAST! I wish I was there and I can't believe I was about a year ago. It was the best mini reunion I can think of - and it confirmed my suspicions that we are a family when I spent Thanksgiving with my DC fam. Talk about custody issues...

Anyways, go if you can, be excited if you are, and pray for those of us that have to spend it with our "real" families.

P.S. This is a pic of the day that Flip left for CO.


From slow the seizure

So it's another slow day in the office. Suddenly this guy comes in with this little girl that’s having a seizure. Needless to say the day took a 180 degree turn. So I’m watching as everyone's running around and this guy is yelling at everyone to stay calm, and in the fray I go into robot/counselor mode and everything that I learned in first aid and the nurse speech comes into play. So as the girl is having the seizure I told the guy to keep the crowd at bay and I call 911. Meanwhile Dan (bookstore, now weekend host), is watching all this trying to keep the girl calm. The entire time Dan and I were the coolest cats ever. We even got complemented on it by the paramedics. I was really proud. I think Dan was too. Wow, what a day at the APC!

I have a feeling she'll be fine though,



please pray

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Gone Huntin'

Check out the coolest hunters around. Notice the ridiculous hats and how awesome they are. This is how we roll in B-ham.


look who I got to hang out with!!!

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Did fuzz and snap jack touch you? Yes, I got a big hug from both of them. They both told me to tell you all Hi!!


This is why you don't post at 4 in the morning

To Montana-

I saw you blog song dude. I guess there's somthing wrong with me. I didn't laugh. Mabey I't just that it's 4 in the morning.


Well kid there you have it, don't write post while writing papers at 4 am.

ps. Fish, oh how I wish I had text messenger. Oh well, I love you too.


We're coming home!

To change the subject just a bit,I thought I'd let you know that Tad & I recieved our Mount Hermon pre-registration, and we wil be staying in Parkway A for Family III ! AKA the start of the Train Day trail. So you guys can come wake me up on Train Day! And We'll be staying for all week too. Miss you guys!