Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


JEMS clip show

Come for the nostalgia. Stay for:
  • Who and Frodo's mohawks. One's looks kinda slick. The other's looks like a woodland creature took a sexual interest in his scalp. You decide.
  • Elizabeth, who obsessed over me constantly in 2002, who forgot me for Frodo in 2003, and who in 2006 can only a manage a "hi" when she sees me. B----.
  • Dash, looking for a high five from a second grader and getting blown off.
  • Nova, doing her best Bruin impression.
  • A brief glimpse of Junco.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

I'm sure at some point, those who have left the mount have felt separated. We have all sat around looking at our watching thinking: Jack's singing right now. or they are getting ready for theme skit now or i bet they are in celebration rotation. Or at times we can close our eyes and see ourselves sitting out at our favorite Bible Study spot. (for me, thinking about my fav. practical application at the two sisters glen plaque.)

So, in true Day Camp form. (or addiction) I am teaching 1sy graders at my church's VBS. its the closest i can get. I play dead cow.... I sing Jack songs to pass the time. Its also left me extremely tired. I guess I'm outta form! But its Friday... last day.... ANd my voice is scratchy and i wish i had Frodo's 1st grade magic!

& Can't wait to see the gang at the Cooper-Burns Wedding this weekend!


Happy Birthday, Spidey!

I'll never forget your first MH birthday, when you nearly threw up in front of the entire staff at Tuesday night meeting. Good times.


Why I Sometimes Hate This Job

Not just the MH camera job, but camera jobs in particular can be kind of trying for me. It all depends on the subject. A little kid with a broken arm and raccoon face paint might still smile broadly for the camera. Some subjects, such as Montana in this video, tend to cramp up reflexively when they realize the camera's on.

So first you've got Dash noticing the camera and making a face. Montana notices Dash making a face and asks, "What was that about?" The next part is priceless and kind of defines the agony. She notices the camera, grimaces like she's passing a stone, and says, "Oh .... " From that point on, Montana is painfully aware of the camera and forced me to cut carefully around four connections with the camera just to preserve a cute shot of a kid climbing into la casa de bounce. Earnin' that MH pay today!


P.S. For those totally uninterested in my whining, check it out: bounce house in front of the auditorium!


Hello to all!



Welcome to DC 2006....there is a stellar group of new staff infact more new than old- let me give you some introductions.
Here is the group ....and I think it will be easier to show you the new faces in the boy/girl group photos.

meet: Forrest, Maverick, Dash and Luigi

the ladies...Keebler, Fiesta Nova, Clementine, Gidget, Race, and Sage in the front

What I've Been Doing This Week

So I spent my first 30-or-so hours editing together a set of DVD menus. It was as depressing as you'd expect, my clicking a mouse for nine hours per day while down Conference Drive skits were being planned and decorations painted.

I needed some dummy footage to use in place of what will become the chapters and I also needed some friends, so I pulled in tape of some of my favorite people and let you guys keep me company while I occasionally cursed my 97-inch monitor.

Excepting the goofy MH logos and crappy YouTube quality, I'm genuinely conviced this is pro-level work. Few commercial DVDs you watch feature the kind of chapter-menu-to-chapter-menu transitions I worked up here. I'm learning a lot.

Then I filmed, and am right now in the process of editing, the Day Camp Rules Video. Because I'm busy with other MH video work, I only had a day to film and a day to edit, which is about half of what I usually allot the process. I got there with this slick Canon camera and a 35-pound tripod and everyone was already on the trail waiting for their intros. Nice work, Who. I'm not sure yet where it ranks in the current four-year box set of Rules Videos, but it can handle itself in a barfight with any of them. At the very least, we utilized the Day Camp Pyrotechnics Team for the first time ever. (See below.) I'll post a link to the YouTube video when it's finished.


Camp ain't camp.

[UPDATE 4:47PM: This one time I had to scrap three hours of work because my bosses wanted to take it in another direction. So that's a drag but right now I'm crushing my way to a finish on a sharp video and having a blast. Helps that no one else is around but Juelz Santana maybe. Watch it for it sometime tonight.]

[UPDATE THE NEXT DAY: Finished the rules video last night. It's pretty good and pretty scary. I won't be caught anywhere near the premiere. Here's the YouTube link.]


Who, I commission you.

Please let those of us who do not have the priviledge of being at Day Camp this summer know about the new talent. I expect pictures. Hope you all are having a ball - I, on the other hand, am writing papers. Damn it is going to be hard to be away from Day Camp.


Ok, I'll do it.

Happy Birthday, Daniel Meyer.


Big Day

Day Camp officially kicks into gear today and Jayber turns however old Jayber is today. I can't decide which I'm more excited about.


driving, driving and more driving

Hey everyone, Just wanted you guys to know that I'm leaving North Bend tomarrow at 4:30 or 5 in the AM to come to Mount Hermon. It's a long drive so everyone can pray for a smooth and safe ride. Also, if any of you want to give me a call so I can talk to someone besides myself that would be cool. I have towatch my minutes though so Verizon customers, as long as you want but any others I will keep it short. Also, service goes in and out but yeah... you guys get the point. Hope everyone is good!

Don't forget to vote.

Go Steve Westly, or as my girlfriend likes to call it, the "Keep Ryan in California campaign." Today is the day it all happens. Hope you all are well.


Misty Water Colored Memories....

I MISS YOU ALL! I am sad to not be with you this summer, but I have this picture up in my room and it makes me laugh. Especially Dana! Model Inc. here we come! Be intentional this summer. Not only with the kids, but each other as well. Be servants(call me if you need to hear the song)and know that you are in many peoples prayers. I love each of you so much. Posted by Picasa