Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Who's B-Day

It's Who's (Whose?) big day. Drop him a line at jon19abbas at yahoo dot com.


Capitol City

Hey everyone, I'm currently supposed to be writing a paper on Newbigin and Niebhur- I however cannot muster up the courage to keep working so here am I writing in my first BLOG ever. It's been about (aboat) three weeks that I've been here in Ottawa, Ontario after a red eye flight to Chicago a four hour layover I arrived in this wonderful city. I have nineteen roommates/housemates 3 of which are my roommates. So far I have traveled around a bit to Quebec City which is a walled city (French Speaking- Bruin :) went to an Expos game in Montreal- it will be my first and last...
Rather than working on Parliment Hill- I opted for something different so I'm interning at CHRI 99.1 ( the first Christian Radio in Canada... I honestly was a little hesitant about Chrisitan Radio but it's been great! I've been editing syndicated programs, working on commercials, reading books for author interviews (on-air) my first on is with the author of The Sunday Philosophy Club, Alexander Mc something he's scottish. It's been an awesome place to work the only downside is I have to commute and ride a bus- this has been the first time I've ever rode a bus so it's been very interesting.
Ok, so living in a city is awesome and not being dependant on a car is even better...I love that I can walk everywhere 5 min to a grocceries, 10 Parliment Hill, 15min to the mall, everything is so close. I love it here it's been such a great experince...I had a pretty rough start- but I can only go up from where I was. I miss summer so much, I've done some lawnchants in the house trying to explain them, but I normally get things thrown at me. Love You all dearly! -



I was just about to scorn those elitist jerks who think they are so cool by having this exclusionary technologically advanced blog group, but then I figured it out and decided it best to point my finger and laugh at those who haven't yet.

Things have been slow in Mountain View. So much so, that I decided to write a little story about Tuesday and a nectarine... So the cutest senior in all of Biloa University walked into the cafeteria. Her cafeteria. But he didn't seem to notice it was her caf because he just went about his business talking to his cute senior friends, laughing about the wild world of o chem. In
a desperate attempt to get his attention she searched for something to throw at him. One last nectarine. Could it be? Has God left it there for her in that moment, knowing he is her perfect match? Underestimating her right arm's power she knocked him out. Will this little girl from Monterey gather the courage to use her skills in CPR?

I finally got back to school and am hoping that things will pick up.


Wow, what a fun night. I decided to share with you what the group looked like. We are some amazing looking people. Of course I am not in there so it would make the picture a whole lot more incredible looking but whatever. I am loving college and my roommate is wonderful. School isn't too tough yet but we will wait and see. Miss you all

Just Wanted a photo of myself so i took this in a mirror at day camp

It's Tuesday

So I've sort of been waiting for a Tuesday to post, just because I'm kind of cool/lame like that. It's also been a good excuse for me to wait for something exciting to happen so that then I would actually have something extra-ordinary to say. Although I'm afraid that the life changing excitement has been a little wanting, in a good way though. Life has just been happening. When people ask me when/where I have a class I don't know why but I have an abnormally hard time remembering, and I get that "do you even go to school here?" look, which I didn't even know was a specific look until recently, but trust me it is. Good news though, somehow I do make it to class, I'm not sure how, I just kinda end up there.

I just got my pictures back yesterday. Of the very few pictures that I did take this summer, my favorite is this one of Chilly, Bruin and Scout all sitting on a couch in upper Birch working on their beanies. Well, Scout was working on his, obviously not to be bothered, either that or he just wanted an action shot. Chilly and Bruin have this "look at me, I made it by myself with only a little help from Lark" grin. It really is precious. Scout, I hope you wear it with pride, you earned it boy!

Random thing I find myself missing the most: four-square

This seems like a very inadequate representation of my life, please just make something funny up and insert right here. I'm sure it wont be too hard.
Oh! To help you out, this purely fictional story must include a good looking senior of the male variety, lunch at the caf, and only one nectarine left.



Hey ya’ll! I finally got on the board. I had some time of it, but I guess persistence pays off in the end. Sorry Frodo, but if I’m not mistaken Day Camp 2004 is Chilly not Fish. I could be wrong. Anyway things suck in Benicia. Scholarships are slow, so is work, and mom is drivin’ me nuts! I need to get the H-E-double hokey sticks out of here. The government said that my family is too rich for grants, Ha….yea…right. Needless to say I’m gonna appeal. I’m thinking of taking LaLa up on an offer to go surf in Cruz. I know it’s a bit of a trip but if anyone wants in, all necessities will be provided by pondy. Well that’s my two cents. Oh, and Gator what classes are you taking at Davis? FILM????
Here’s hopn’


5th Period

I almost popped a kid today. I was this close. I could've slugged him, ended my career after only a month, probably gone to jail, and still have been pretty content about my life so far. 5th period sucks.


Ok, I think I got it figured out

Hello all. I hope life in the your parts of the vast world is going well. Life is good up here in Canada, A bit cold and rainy, but not too bad. Fish, I can empathize with your frantic job search, I too am still seeking employment. Hopefully that will be taken care of soon. Scout, I am glad that your first frat party was fun...I hope you were coherent enough to remember what went down. Gator, I am sorry that instead of seeing your lovely face you were stuck with some pimply high schooler's pic, bummer man. In response to your question, Montana and I are getting along as best we can, and it has actually gone alright. She comes up on Oct. 7, which I am eagerly awaiting. Anyway, other than that, my classses turned out to be not too bad, and it has been nice to reconnect with some college friends. I dreadfully miss each and every one of you, and I can't wait until our paths cross again. Until then I love you all.


News From The O.C.

So i know that a few of you are down here, so don't get shy. 
   I just moved into my beach house on Saturday.  After much unpacking and decorating, it finally feels like home.  Minus all the Tourists trying to steal my parking spots! 
  And this week is dedicated to a large job hunt.   But, i guess that those years at Day Camp and aren't going to pay my rent for too long, and apparently a D.C. Team Leader and working the Gate at College Basketball games aren;t the best preperation for a job.     So i guess pray that i find a Job.  soon.  before my next rent check preferably.
I too am interested in knowing how everyone is doing!  Oh -  Snorts and Scout, If you were wondering i do have the Pool in the backseat of my car....     
  and Tuesday and Who and Fish and Crush and any other DC So calers...   lets hang out.   thats it.

Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Mail - Helps protect you from nasty viruses.



Wow, I am already in college and school actually hasn't even started. I start tommorrow but i am nervous. My classes should be good but i don't even know my way around the campus. Hopefully i will figure it out by the time class starts. I have an awesome roommate and so far the introduction week was good. I have met a lot of people but no one like you guys. I know that this year is going to be great and my first frat party was incredible!!! JK. But I have met a lot of nice people. I just can't wait for Campus Crusade to start so I can meet some people that are christians. I am sure some of the people I have met are christians but I don't know who yet. I met my bible study leaders and they seem awesome. I am even going to learn how to surf. I can't wait. But life is good and God is always good! I miss all of you and do want to here from you all on this thing! Adios

Three Weeks Down

Hey team, thus far life could be categorized as "real busy". I do the whole full-time job thing and then I'm taking classes still at Davis, depriving me of both the fun off-hour schedule of classes and the after-hours free time of a full-time job. It wears me down a bit but it's hard to complain when the full-time job is pretty fun and my classmates fairly agreeable.

The biggest challenge thus far has been a freshman in my fifth period algebra class, the sorta kid who seems possessed of the energy and problems of two kids. Well, I came to find out, through chatting with his junior high, that he is two kids. He's an identical twin, and he and his brother switch in and out of each other's classes mostly at will. I've been around identical twins before and these two are really identical. I'm trying to figure a way to tell them apart, hopefully one that won't require permanently disfiguring one of them. Is cattle branding permanent?

The school sent me my school pictures last week, but there must've been some mistake 'cause I got some high school kid's photos. Good-looking kid and all, but nothing like any teacher I've ever seen.

Currently curious about:
  • the status of Lark's Canadian parliament takeover.
  • Flip and Snorts' re-integration into Colorado life.
  • Scout's roommate
  • Disco's rent payments
  • Who's college experience
  • the Day Camp couples: Montana/Frodo and Tuesday/Bruin