Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Yay for Tuesday

Has anyone seen the Dominos comercial declaring Tuesday asthe new best day of the week. At first a guy named tuesday comesin depressed, because he's overlooked. Then he ties up Friday and Saturday and stands victoriously. I just wanted to tell you all soyou knew about the deal of cheap pizza on tuesdays.
Oh yeah, and it confirms what we already know... Tuesday's the coolest!!!


new number

If you all could try 1 (831) 438-3800 ex. 1212 before trying my cell, that would help me out alot.



So...about that DVD...

Please keep whatever hopes you had low. I'm convinced I'll never find the massive pocket of time I need to make this project happen.

Regretfully yrs, G8R


Check this peeps

I got my new computer up and running (bling bling), and I was going through my summer and new years pics. At which point I was inspired by a certain guy, I think you know him. Tall, dark, smiles like the grinch when he’s up to something. I played copy cat and did a little list of my own…

Spidey-35 (a lot were just me and one other person)
Spiff-23 (trend?)
Smalls-5 (everyone darling :] )
Steve B.-2
Johnny Cooper-1
And that one guy what’s his name? Oh ya! Jack-1
How many I WISH Tad was in-1 bagillion

Well, maybe next summer Tad,



Halleluiah, that’s the song I heard when my final book arrived in the mail. That one less HUGE monkey off my back.



Okay, so who is the luckiest person EVER today? ME ME ME ME ME ME! I get to hang out with Rudy and Smalls. I am sooooo lucky and all of you guys are jealous!!! I know what you are thinking, how does Scout get to be so lucky???? Well, it is because...I am special! I am sooooo EXCITED! I am loving life and I loving hanging out with Smalls and Rudy. Soooo Lucky!


I thought of you this week....

Lark... I was watching the Bush Protesters at the inauguration yesterday and thought of all those crazys canadians, and in turn you...

Spidey... I saw a little boy in a spiderman costume running around the mall... and i thought of how excited you would be...

Spiff... Back to the Beach was on TV and i though i didn't watch all of the jamacian ska, i still thought of you...

Tuesday... I also saw an Arminian wedding and the bride looked JUST like you....

Bruin and Fish... Tad was playing a college basketball game on XBOX and he was your team playing in your stadium i pretended that you two were in the front row...

Rudy... well, you called me... so naturally i thought of you! thanks for all your helP!

Gator... Tad and I are looking at digital cameras & I everytime i see a silver Nikon i think of you, and want to buy it so i can be just like my fav. candid photographer....

Scout... Was talking with Nick and thinking about how we sooo called that engagement with Nick and Anna... we should become matchmakers!

I also thought of everyone else.... but that was just in a week... Next week I'll be inspired by my surroundings!


Good news?

It's official. I'm back. I realize it's asking a lot in some cases, but would all of you please drop whatever plans you have for your summers and come back?


School Report

School looks like something to look forward to. It would be more enjoyable if I had my books. However the Bethany College system does not have an actual bookstore. Theirs is on line. Not having half of my books is challenging. But by the grace of God I get by. I also feel by the end of the semester I'm going to have a whole new look on life. Well that’s me. If you’re ever in Santa Cruz give me a call.

“I’m a local”, I never tire of saying that,



Alas, life is busy again. New Years came and went, and the picturesque memories we retain are but a vivid afterthought of the time we shared together. And so, Daycampers everywhere return to their lives wanting more but trying to forget that there amidst them exists a place where they are closer to home then they have ever felt. We go back to life, and, lo and behold, it accepts us. We are sewn together in Christ but scattered to reap a more bountiful harvest. I miss you guys.

Spiff the softie


I'm off to college!

Good news. I’m all set to go off to school. It seem that I’ve cut through the last of the red tape. Thank you all for your prayers.

ps. Fish, any advice on how to hook up? Yay co-eds!!!


i like school - - - but it just isn't the same

AHHHHH... seeing all of you was amazing. it was great for me - and terrible. i am reminded of good times and great friendships, and simultaneously a seed of discontentment is sown in my everyday life. for this i will love and hate you all forever


good times

I just wanted to thank you all for such a good new years...i'm glad I got to spend it with y'all I would have had it no other way...and goodbye to those I didn't say goodbye to. I leave Saturday for a snow filled drive back to Canada... love- lark


New Years was wonderful, except for being sick. It was great to see everybody who was there. Thanks for making the sacrifice, even if I only drove 2 miles. I am posting the fact that I now have a new email address, if any would like to mail me a kind word (ie: "GOSH!" or "GET SICK AGAIN YOU FLIPPIN' IDIOT", etc.) I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks.


a new year

so, wow. i didnt really know that this even existed. this is great. thanks for the invite. its just like the mnt hermon forum except there arent any other people at all. we can finally be totally and completely seculsive. ha. well i just saw most of you at new years, and it was a i dont have much to say. other than those of who werent there were sorely missed. happy new year.