Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


The best the desert has to offer.




Hey Mr. Meyer, I heard you were in a rap video.

Gator teaches - you all know that - and by all accounts he's pretty good at it too. What he's just as good at - and what a smaller percentage of us know - is writing about his job. Gator has a blog - link in the sidebar, but also right here - where he does all kinds of education & design related things. You can get a far clearer picture of what it's about by reading it than I can paint telling you about it. What you won't get out of simply reading his blog, and what Gator is either a) too modest to tell you about or b) too busy designing a massive graphic blog post to more effectively tell you about (if the latter's the case, sorry boy-o), is that he's nominated for some pretty nifty awards.

The edublog awards are to the edublogosphere (duh) what the Oscars are to Hollywood. And Gator has a real shot at winning a couple of them. So what you should do, and what you should tell your friends to do, is this: go vote dy/dan for Best New Edublog and Best Individual Edublog. Retardedly, Gator didn't make final cut for "Best Educational Use of Video/Visual." Even if you're not a regular reader of dy/dan, know that Gator's pretty much the smartest, most interesting, and most dedicated teacher in the edublogosphere and that he definitely deserves our support.

I don't know what I'll do to myself if Don's Learning Log wins this thing.



Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that Ali (Snaps) and I (Jayber), along with our friend Miriam (you may remember her as Pixie before this past summer) have started a bit of a project. We like to call it Penelopea. We have a blog where we post things that we like and that we find interesting and inspiring, and we also have a little store on where we sell things that we've made. Right now on our Etsy site you can find some Christmas ornaments shaped like ice cream cones and cupcakes, as well as some sock animals!

So, all this to say, we need friends, like you, to know who we are and spread the word about us! It would be real great if you could read our blog, give us your feedback, and tell people about our Etsy store!

Thanks guys! I hope you're all doing well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


New Years 2008


Best Ad Ever

No other preface is needed. Watch it.



Fun Question for the hell of it.

If you could have your own theme music for a show about yourself what would it be.

And what be the show's genre?

Some ideas that you may pick from but not limit yourself too:

Police/Detective Show
TV Western
Medical Melodrama
Science Fiction and Fantasy TV
Situation Comedy (or Sit-Com)
Made-for-TV Movie
or a Docudrama (Like The Office or America's Most Wanted)

For Me:

Show: Docudrama
Theme: Just Apathy by Tally Hall


Movie time

I want to see a movie this weekend, (probably the Dan in Real life). Is anyone down?


Hahahahaha.... Fresno

I always said I drove faster through Fresno for a reason.

(I know, I know... you have to copy/paste, because I'm retarded and don't know how to make it a link.)


New Years 2008: Prelude to an Announcement

The masses have spoken. The other options were retracted.

It's Mount Hermon.

The dates are December 30 to January 1.

The theme is "Ninja Pirate Robots From Space."

The theme has yet to be decided.

Details will be announced shortly.

Mark your calendars.

Very very excitedly yours,



special days for special people!

dos birthdays today. presenting tusday!!! its her birthday today. she is in alaska. if you look at the background of the picture, you can see the bear and caribou she skinned with her bear hands. it gets cold in alaska.

and presenting slider!!! its his birthday today too. he is not in alaska. he is in washington. that is kinda close to alaska. but not really. they share the same birthday. but not the same age. and no, they are not twins.

Happy birthday!

New Years 2008: Prelude To A Prelude To An Announcement

Where do you want to have this thing, Day Camp?

The other directors and I are gonna be mulling this one over behind closed doors over the next coupla weeks. We promise it's gonna be great / off the hook / et cetera. We'd just like to know if you feel strongly about where it goes off the hook.

Right now we're kicking around:

  1. Le Villa (Mount Hermon)
  2. La Casa de Montana (Fresno)
  3. Fire Island (New York)

Anything we're forgetting, anything you wanna say, have at it in the comments.

For He's a Jolly Good Fellooowwww......

Happy Happy Birthday Slider!


she makes us sweat!

Happy Birthday Salsa!
We Love you and hope you have an amazing birthday!



hey guys, just wanted the DC family to know that Ross is having some trouble with his heart: he's in Paris right now, and is going to be visiting a cardiologist to see what's up with his irregular heart beat. i think it's progressively getting more normal, but he's still gonna see the doctor for it (smart man). anyway, just being praying that it isn't super serious or anything...

love ya'll
<>< banjo

ps. also, on a lighter note, his tooth got chipped or something, and he says he looks like lloyd christmas from dumb and dumber. HA!

this must be said...

who likes PT CRuisers? who wants to see fish driving a PASTEL yellow PT cruiser around orange county for a week???? I DO!!!!!


I know its late but I need your help!

So last week Kristin and I got to hang out with some really cool people. You might know them as Rudy and Tuesday. While we were hanging out, we carved pumpkins. Then like the crazy competitive person that Kristin is, she started to brag about how hers is the best out of all of ours, then Rudy and Tuesday jump out of their chairs to jump kick Kristin in the head like black ninjas on a mission. I had to jump in between them to stop them, so we need your help. I am not going to tell you who made which pumpkin, but we need to know which one is the best looking pumpkin, please help from left to right 1 2 3 4.