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Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let you all know that Ali (Snaps) and I (Jayber), along with our friend Miriam (you may remember her as Pixie before this past summer) have started a bit of a project. We like to call it Penelopea. We have a blog where we post things that we like and that we find interesting and inspiring, and we also have a little store on where we sell things that we've made. Right now on our Etsy site you can find some Christmas ornaments shaped like ice cream cones and cupcakes, as well as some sock animals!

So, all this to say, we need friends, like you, to know who we are and spread the word about us! It would be real great if you could read our blog, give us your feedback, and tell people about our Etsy store!

Thanks guys! I hope you're all doing well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Blogger Michael K. said...

No comments? This is only the hottest item on the blog THIS MILLENIUM!!! I recommend buying tons of stuff from my wife's Etsy account.

12:58 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

I'll say that it's a pretty fun website to tool around on... I've done so myself.

11:58 AM

Blogger alexandra said...

....and to think we thought our dc friends would have our backs...


10:14 PM


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