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hey guys, just wanted the DC family to know that Ross is having some trouble with his heart: he's in Paris right now, and is going to be visiting a cardiologist to see what's up with his irregular heart beat. i think it's progressively getting more normal, but he's still gonna see the doctor for it (smart man). anyway, just being praying that it isn't super serious or anything...

love ya'll
<>< banjo

ps. also, on a lighter note, his tooth got chipped or something, and he says he looks like lloyd christmas from dumb and dumber. HA!


Blogger Jonathan said...

Man that sucks, tell him I am praying for him and that I love him, in a non gay way

6:58 PM

Blogger Spidey said...

Oh no, Ross! I'll pray for him every day Erin.

10:04 PM

Blogger Pixie said...

totally praying...for sure! God will provide. still a bit scary tho, and will keep him in my prayers, Erin. Tell him next time you talk to him that we all love him dearly!

Love YOU with all my heart,


9:38 AM

Blogger : ) Smiles ( : said...

Thanks for letting us know so we can pray. Keep us posted on how he's doing!

10:39 PM

Blogger Pixie said...

ya please! whenever you hear something new, tell us ok banjo?

thanks : )

9:42 AM

Blogger Banjo said...

hey guys, ross's heart is doing better, but he's waiting to hear back from the hospital... ross says he's "barely alive"... he's fine :-) lol he says he drank a beer and got better. silly fellow.
he loves you all and appreciates the prayer.

3:23 PM

Blogger Pixie said...

that for sure sounds like ross to say that! : ) hilarious :) thanks for the update darlin!

3:43 PM


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