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Little Hello...and...Poppy pics!

Hello DC Friends!

Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and to tell you all how much I miss you guys! I thought maybe for all of those "Poppy fans" out there....Bro in particular : ) you might wanna see a couple new cute pics of here they are! Love you guys and I hope so much that all of you can make it for New Years...i know it'll be such a special time...seriously cant wait!



Blogger Nova said...

This is just so exciting to hear from all of you guys! Poppy is going to be a heartbreaker! and she looks adorable! I wish i could pull off those shoes...

11:45 AM

Blogger ┬íSalsa! said...

OH MY GOSH sooo cute pixie!!!

1:10 PM

Blogger Dan said...

So which one's Poppy? That dude, right?

2:20 PM

Blogger Matt said...

and gator with the win

9:41 AM

Blogger Melinda said...

ahhh seriously sooo Cute!

I don't know this Poppy but she is adorable.

Can't wait to see you all some on New Years!

11:42 PM


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