Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Single Parent Camp Is Where I'll be

So I just got off the phone with Corker, and it looks like I'll be there with you (Spiff) this weekend....good times! I'm looking forward to it

I Just realized something....

In like a week you will all be up and the mount, and there will be no one will be posting on here. You are all going to just insult eachother and extend birthday greetings in person not online. what is Bruin gonna post from Africa???


What am i going to waste my free time doing? I'll be up for a few days in family 2, or is it 3 now. whenever the Yuba kids are going. So save me a spot on the slip n slide.

ps - my bday is the 18th, in case you'll forgot.


Counting Down The Days On One Hand

Word to my hizzos,

This DC bro is about to be all up ins at the Herm on Friday! I'm pulling Single Parent Camp with Corksie and then chillaxin at Flip's crib and kick'n off the Summer with some Tuesday action In Monterey. Sounds fly, but who alls gonna join me?

Lover Not A Fighter,

His Royal Spiffness


I'm bringing pliers.

Every year since my first, I've kicked myself for not bringing some pliers to camp. Since this is the year to get Everything Right, I've made sure I won't forget them. What are you making dead certain not to leave behind? (And if you're Crush and you say, "underwear," I'll know you're lying.)


P.S. I'll share the pliers, no worries.

P.P.S. Anyone can guess why pliers are such an essential MH commodity, staff soda's on me.

P.P.P.S. It's Montana's birthday tomorrow. (Friday, May 26, 2005) Happy birthday, Montana.



Called the district office yesterday and found out I still had 4.5 sick days on record so I set my kids up with some review-type activities and took today off! Extra sleep, Starbucks, Revenge of the Sith w/ housemate, pizza, Entertainment Weekly at the apartment poolside -- this much fun on a weekday can't be legal. Best of all, because of my ingenious work reshufflement plan, I now have only three four-day weeks standing between me and MH, which will be totally manageable.

Everybody envy me. (Except all of you who are already on summer break and are living this 24/7. You guys can go soak your heads.)



Alrighty, so I just returned from Mexico with my roomies. Kind of a chill/do whatever trip... but it was fun to just chill and not do much. I just wanted to say that we did do one thing that is perhaps one of the greatest ideas ever thought of. We purchased 900 bottle rockets (packages of 150 for each of the 6 of us).... and then we shot them at each other. It was seriously like World War III on the beach in Ensenada. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is not afraid of being pelted/burned with a firework flying at them. I have a slight burn on my neck but that was the worst of it. Definately one of the more randomly fun (and quite stupid if you think about it) things I have done. That's all.

Looking forward to Taqueria Santa Cruz.


Another May Birthday Today



Nor Cal

yeah that's right, NorCal is where it's at



this place is dead

and it's all your fault.

seriously, though: what gives?


Thanks for contributing

This year's required more effort from all of you. Much appreciated.




Finals start tomorrow @ 10:00 when I walk into the crappy portables at the crappy end of my pretty campus in Santa Rosa. Anthro Lab is the class, satan herself is the teacher. Can you tell I'm not excited? Good news: this is the worst of my finals (excepting possibly this really arduous, involving Shakespeare project. Ok, you got me - I just watch a bunch of movies and write about 'em.), so I'm sorta kinda glad it'll be out of the way first. Nonetheless, it probably wasn't a good idea to wait until just now to study, right?



I'm totally talking to Fish on the phone right now while taking a self-photo and typing this up. I have no idea what he's talking about right now.

La la la. Hey buddy.


I think i disappeared....

Apparently I've been busy because i haven't seen the blog, even the internet for like a month. And didn't even realize it. It took me like 45 min to read through all the posts from last April. But I'm not even taking finals or anything.

But i truely miss miss all of you guys! Reading all of you posts had made me smile, frown, almost cry and laugh. Hopefully I'll get to steal a weekend or part of a week to visit ya'll before the wedding. (no funny buisness spiff). And Spidey i AM going to call you and we can talk for as long as you want.




Yo, Day Camp. I just shared scintillating conversation about life, love, and German neo-realistic cinema with Michael K. (okay, he did most of the talking on that last point) over some pretty lousy Vietnamese soup. (Thanks for the recommendation, amigo.) Just before that I caught up on Life With Spiff, with my host, Spiff! So, I'm basically set for the upcoming work week.

Nyah nyah.

if you have even the slightest interest in music

go here.



I'm finished.

If you want to visit me in my sweet cabin at the Herm, I'll be there until the 14th.

After that I'm headed home, (and possibly Gator's classroom?) After all it's hard dodging shots from 45's that kids are pointing down your back because of that bad grade on their mid-term. I got your back!

After that it’s off on my road trip as most of you know. If you want to hook up it'll be between the 20th-28/30th. I'm also going to Disneyland while in L.A., if you want to go let me know and I'll get your tickets for you if you want. You know, no big.

From the 1st to the 7th well....I don't really know what I'm doing. A lot of it is a buffer if the trip takes longer than expected. I'm getting my teeth worked on during this time so I don't have dental problems this summer. I might go to single parent camp if enough of you are going but it's really not looking that way.

Then on the 8th its back to the Herm where I'll meet up with Who and Rudy and start planning the no-doubt funtastic summer to come.



Who's owning these finals? OH YEAH, It's me!

In case you can't tell from above title, I'm really finishing strong. With an A on my New Testament Term paper, a B on my Micro, not to mention I ruled the final. I feel like this school isn't as bad as I thought. Well see if next year is as enriching.

Feels good to be above average. Now I know what Gator has been talking about all this time.



Well my time in the Middle East is almost through. I finished my program on the 27th and have spent the last week in the Holy Land, yes right now I am currently in Jerusalem. Life the last 5 months has been a little differant than normal; infact it has been much better than normal. I love this place and God willing I will be back again. Although I do have hesitations about ever returning home I am looking forward to seeing most of you. No really I am stoked to be spending random wednesday afternoons on the beach with you all.

I am going to be in Israel/Palestine for the next two weeks then back to Egypt for one day and then finally good ole America on the 18th.

I love you guys,
God bless