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Alrighty, so I just returned from Mexico with my roomies. Kind of a chill/do whatever trip... but it was fun to just chill and not do much. I just wanted to say that we did do one thing that is perhaps one of the greatest ideas ever thought of. We purchased 900 bottle rockets (packages of 150 for each of the 6 of us).... and then we shot them at each other. It was seriously like World War III on the beach in Ensenada. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is not afraid of being pelted/burned with a firework flying at them. I have a slight burn on my neck but that was the worst of it. Definately one of the more randomly fun (and quite stupid if you think about it) things I have done. That's all.

Looking forward to Taqueria Santa Cruz.


Blogger Gator said...

Didn't anyone buy you a digital camera for your birthday so you could share photos of your trip? 'Cause I've got this awesome image of a bottle rocket buried two inches deep into your neck, back end still sparking like mad, trying to burrow deeper into yer carotid artery or whichever the one in your neck is, and I'm positive it doesn't compare to the real thing. We've got to hook you up, Fisher.

(Is it because you don't know how to use a camera? Because we could teach you.)

2:51 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

You sho are one crazy mofo!

The Porn Star,

8:52 PM


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