Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


big families are fun.

um, im sure most of you know by now, but just to throw it out there

leslie cooper is going to be my step mom on july 1st

thats right. and the cooper kids will soon be my brother and sisters. this world has no end to it's craziness.

be jealous. its okay. im almost jealous of myself im so excited.


Suck it, Trebek.

Click on through for answers and frustrated commentary.

  1. In 2004 Iowa produced 2.2 million bushels of this
  2. The largest lake West of the Mississippi River it varies in size depending on the weather.
  3. The alternate title is "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"
  4. Curving outward
  5. The author of "Beloved" was the first African-American to win the Nobel prize for literature
  6. Julius Caesar's mistress Servilia was the mother of this conspirator who helped kill Caesar.
  7. Feathers flew in Washington when this wife of diplomat Joseph Wilson was outed as a CIA agent.
  8. Amylase & Lipase are these, which catalyze reactions in organisms without themselves changing
  9. His last words referred to his wife: "I know that I am going where Lucy is."
  10. Riyadh is the capital of this country.
  11. The first folio divided Shakespeare's plays into comedies, trageies & these
  12. One of Nevada's nicknames ties it to this metal.
  13. "Suddenly Seymour" & "Feed Me" are songs from this show.
  14. Term for a nuclear reactor that produces at least as much fissionable material as it uses.
  15. This Stravinsky work caused a riot when it premiered in 1913, in the season of its title.
  16. His 1963 book "Cat's Cradle" deals with Ice-9, an invention that leads to the end of the world.
  17. Doing lots of manufacturing in Washington State, it's the world's biggest aerospace company.
  18. "Have sword, will travel," could have been the motto of this most famous of crusader-fighting Muslim.
  19. A UPN series is based on the childhood of this comedian who hosted the Oscars in 2005.
  20. Among Hindu deities, Shiva is the destroyer & this is the preserver.
  21. This English poet died in 1824 while on a mission to fight for Greek independence
  22. This vast art museum in St. Petersburg was created by Catherine the Great in 1764.
  23. The cell formed by the union of 2 gametes
  24. "The Guns of" this month is about the events leading up to World War I
  25. He had a tough 1822 as he contracted VD & left unfinished his Symphony in B Minor.
  26. 4 states call themselves commonwealths: Massachusetts, Kentucky, Virginia & this one
  27. Common alphanumeric designation for the year also notated MM
  28. This "Privilege" lets Congressmen send out official mail without paying postage
  29. Some people found it just offal reading this 1906 Slaughterhouse saga
  30. In the mid-1950's Jasper Johns started painting a series depicting this iconic American object.
  31. The former creative director of Gucci, he put himself on the cover of the 2006 Vanity Fair Hollywood issue.
  32. 1 1/2 miles, this third leg of the triple crown is the longest of the 3 races.
  33. Tessie is the one chosen in this Shirley Jackson story about a macabre game of chance.
  34. It precedes "emptor" in a phrase meaning "let the buyer beware."
  35. In 1520 he really ticked off the pope with ideas like reducing the 7 sacraments to 2.
  36. Senhora is "lady" in this language spoken by about 180 million.
  37. Captain Corcoran is the "Right Good Captain" of this title ship
  38. 2 world capitals lie on South America's Rio de la Plata: Buenos Aires & this city
  39. Slander is spoken defamation; this is written defamation
  40. This Harry Potter creator has ruled the bestseller lists for almost a decade.
  41. It's caused by eddying in the atmosphere & pilots have to worry about it.
  42. Not as depressing as a depression, it's defined as 2 successive quarters of decline in real GDP.
  43. Term for any member of the set of positive or negative whole numbers.
  44. In 1994 he took over investigation of the whitewater affair.
  45. A statue of her was found on the island of Melos in 1820.
  46. Mel Gibson: "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"
  47. Olga, Masha & Irina are this playwright's three sisters.
  48. ;-)
  49. It's a small peninsula on Spain's Southern Mediterranean coast.
  50. Nationality of Soren Kierkegaard


Tuesday and I got to hang out last RUSSIA!!! Aren't we just so lucky! Tuesday the guitar player and me the KGB Ice skater!

UCLA going to the FINAL FOUR!

I just got off the phone with my friends who are road-tripping out to Indianapolis for the games, and basically I can't remember a time when I was quite as envious as I am right now.

And I know this pronouncement may seem a little late, but I just got back from out of town. I wanted to make sure that I still had a chance to brag appropriately. Make sure that you don't listen to any of the haters on television who are picking every other team to win it - UCLA all the way baby.


Let's do this:

So have ya got twenty free minutes Thursday night? TiVo Smallville and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because this is better: Jeopardy is holding its online test at 8:00PM.

Score big on a set of fifty questions, a new one flashing at ya grill every fifteen seconds, and you get invited for an audition. Go here. Register. Get ready.

Figure out whether you're more scared of scoring dipstick low or of scoring high enough to hit the big time. Then get over it. It'll be fun. I know Fish and Jav, our egotestical braintrust, will get in on this. Who else?



I just wanted to say that tonight at midnight my friend's radio set is going to be played and my song is going to be number 3 in his rotation. It's 105.3fm in the Bay Area or I think there's a stream on their website. Which is probably but I am not sure. This is really exciting for me, so I just had to share. Cheers,

Smalls blew me off for a "concert"

It's like 2001's prom all over agian!

grad banquet

this weekend- we the beginning of me realizing that this four year experience up in Canada is coming to a close. we had our grad banquet, so much fun here are some pictures.


Spring Banquet

I don't have a date. Any takers?



life update.

So things are going well in my life. I've been really focused on music lately, which is great and makes me really happy. As for Day Camp, well, I got an email saying that I might not be hired because of my schedule. I am moving to San Francisco and tranferring schools and it starts August 16, which means I'd have to move in by the 14th, which would be stressful as it is. Also, I'd have to take a week off for Michael's wedding, so there is a chance I won't be there this summer. If that is the case, I'd love to come and visit and crash on someone's floor. I do have a lot of alternatives this summer, some that would be really great for me in the long run. As I said, I have been really focused on music (you can go to to listen to what I recorded yesterday...there is only one song right now, but there should be more by weekend's end). My friend actually is doing a guest DJ spot on Live105 (any of you Bay Area folks should know it) and he is going to play one of my songs, which is really exciting. Not sure when it'll be played, but his set is getting recorded monday. My job is going great, a little stressful at times, but it's nice to feel like I am doing something. All around, things have been going pretty well. I feel great about the friends I have and there's a new girl in my life, which is nice. Can't really think about anything else happening, mainly just a lot of focusing on music...which school keeps trying to get in the way of. I hope all is well with everyone, I'll keep ya updated on summer plans. Cheers,


A puzzle for you all

For my Philosophy of Language class we have to break down a puzzle that an old Philosopher (Bertrand Russell) wrote about, and then offer someone else's (Gottleob Frege) response. The puzzle, standing alone, is kinda fun, and so I thought I would pass it along. If anyone wants to take a stab at it - be my guest. Oh, the things that philosophers deal with nowadays.

Here's the puzzle:

Russell sets up his first puzzle with a law of logic from Leibniz: “If A is identical with B, whatever is true of the one is true of the other, and either may be substituted for the other in any proposition without altering the truth or falsehood of that proposition.” Russell then refers to an example that seems to create a problem in light of Leibniz’s law. Sir Walter Scott was a well-known English poet, and when he published the novel Waverley, he chose not to reveal his authorship. Waverley was enormously successful, and curiosity grew about who had written the book. A number of people suspected that the author was Sir Walter Scott. With this storyline as the backdrop, Russell presents two true premises: PR1) “George IV wished to know whether Scott was the author of Waverley,” and PR2) “Scott was the author of Waverley.”
If we let ‘Scott’ be A, and ‘the author of Waverley’ be B, then A is identical to B because Scott is the author of Waverley (PR2). According to Leibniz’s law, we can substitue A for B without altering a sentence’s truth value, but if we do this in PR1 we end up with, “George IV wished to know whether Scott was Scott,” and this statement is false. It seems as if we have gone from two true premises, and by applying a law of logic, we’ve come out with a false statement. So is the law of logic false or not universally applicable, is the example flawed, or is something else going on here? These are the type of questions that arise from Russell’s first puzzle.

Have "fun."


This is just to say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

-William Carlos Williams

Seriously though: this is just to say that, to all the people I've promised CD's (Gator, Hula, Lark, Rudy, Snaps), give me just a bit. Life is busy; spring break is next week.

edit: anyone else who wants a cd, email me:

Best Spring Break (I've experienced)

My roomies and I took flight for four days. Yes, four days. And we covered 2600 milles! We filmed most of it and our room is constantly filled with the laughter of friends watching the video of our trip. I wish I could share it with you guys, just like I wish my friends here could understand what I'm talking about when I mention MH. Anyone feel the same?

Anyways, we went to the Grand Canyon, Four corners, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, Alamogordo, White Sands Missle Range, and Tombstone. We slept in the car in below freezing temperatures in Wal Mart parking lots (they allow that) and did some crazy stuff. The pictures of the different landscapes/climates we covered is amazing, I wish I could post all 340 pics. Calsbad Caverns was my favorite. It was a cave 750 ft below that has 2 miles of walking, an average ceiling height of 80 ft and the square footage of 14 football fields! It was lit with different colors, so we didn't need lights or anything. It was so awesome to think of the places God inhabits without us knowing. Not to get all religious. It also snowed in Tombstone in the desert. It was amazing; I could write sooo much on this trip, but I'll spare you guys the rest.


Word Problems

Ryan's girlfriend gets mad at him and starts walking away at a rate of 1 mph. Ryan runs after her 1 hour later at a rate of 3 mph. How long does it take Ryan to catch up?

Sometimes ... when I'm missing DC most ... you guys'll just show up all of the sudden.



Everybody's gotz to checks this out...

Ok... so sorry again if you don't like political stuff - but this is HUGE news in the land of Steve Westly (not quite as cool, but approaching the coolness of Spideyland).

Rally Blog

Hollar! - Michael taught me how to make it a link.


New headgear

So, how do they look?


Get Ready (and update)

Hi everyone-
First and foremost I just recieved a email from Bob and I am definetly going to return to Day Camp this summer. I'm really excited to build off of last summer, see everyone and help lead as someone with a little bit of experience. It will be a exciting challenge and opportunity to work with a bunch of new counselors as well as a new director and coordinator (Gator and Shannon- I will miss you both!!!). For those of you returning for sure, get ready because it is going to be awesome! For those of thinking of returning, do it! And all those non-returners, you better have a good excuse- Jav and Jayber, marriage isn't one. Oh wait, yes it is.

Update- I am at the end of the hardest quarter of my life. I'm only taking three business classes but they are all hard. I'm doing fine in my two Accounting classes but Economics 306 can go to hell because that's where it came from. I have my last final today at 3 and then I'm done!!! This was a interesting quarter for me. I had a real job for once but it was cool. I coached elementary girls basketball for parks and rec. It was a bunch of fun and I'm pretty sure Mount Hermon helped me land the job (there were like 120 applicants for 20 spots and I had never coached before). Both my teams did awesome and learned alot. I have one pizza party today should be alright.
Also, I kinda sorta am dating a new girl. I met her through coaching and it's been fun getting to know her over the last month. She is a Christian, fun, smart, a professional surfer (random), and puts up with me so that's cool. Were not too serious because that might take up more time then I am willing to give. Our first mo nth has been kinda crazy. Her Grandpa died and the next week her brother got into a really serious car accident after being hit by a drunk semi-truck going home from schoolwith his three friends. One died, one had his leg amputated, and one is doing O.K. Her brother was in a coma for a week and in critical care. He went into cardiac arrest twice but lived. He had open-heart and brain surgery and is doing better (a %100 miracle that he is alive). He is paralyzed with lots of other problems but at least he is alive. God has been doing amazing things in this situation and I can see that. Kinda crazy stuff for people who just started dating.
Anyway, way to long so sorry but I hope everyone is doing good and I miss you all!


Praise God and wish me luck.

I found my Camara. Flickr will be updated shortly. I also am going to tour a place to rent today. wish me luck. I hope to have you guys over wherever I end up when you want to fly by santa cruz.



music please

i'm feeling a huge need in my life right now to well expand my music horizons beyond what I've been listening too all year...some things I've been playing-

sigur ros, matisyahu, imogen heap, broken social scene, stars, rosie thomas, architecture in helsinki-

so tell me what's been in your car these days.


pictures of jave & jayber lin

Well: we got some engagement photos.

try here

and also go here and click client login and type michaelmeredith. This way you can see them all. If you wanna buy a photo, be Anna's guest.

Which is your favorite, hm?


Fun Game!

I know who our staff counselor is going to be in '06. I'll send somthing cool to the first person to guess! (Lark & Booty can't play cause they know)


Yay! Jesus works!

So I guess your prayers worked once again, because today I (finally) got hired. Yes, I am working for the man now, at $7.75 an hour. WooHoo! Next stop Vegas! You down Daff?

seriously, thank you to anyone who did pray for me...I've been needing one of these things for a while now.

[I think this is] fun news about what I'm up to

Ok, so things are going pretty well here in LA. I guess this is a little bit of an update about two fun developments in my life.

#1) I was accepted to the interview process for Teach for America. I'm pretty pumped about this. G8R is currently doing some background work trying to get me the key teacher info so I can "wow" them during my half-day interview. Wish me luck (and some prayer would probably be nice). The interview is on the 24th.

#2) The campaign I'm working on is going well. There are just about 13 weeks (June 6) until we will know who is going up against Arnold. Really good polling came out for us within the last week and we went on television. If the California gubernatorial race is in any way interesting to you, or you just want to hear about the fun stuff I am (kind of) a part of, then I will direct you to 3 links. (I don't know if these will be links or if you'll have to copy/paste.)

A good article from the Sacramento Bee to give you an overview and some info about new important polling #'s:

Our campaign's take on the new polling #'s:

And the link to our brand new ad that is running on television all over the place - The "Connect" one was the first one, but we apparently also have a new one as of today:

Note/Disclaimer: Yes, he is Pro-Choice, and it so happens that so are the other 2 candidates for governor. It looks as if fate may just force us to vote on the basis of something else this time around; my choice is competenece (Hint - in my biased opinion, Westly is more competent than the other two, but you probably could have guessed that).

That's all for now. Take care friends.


UCLA Beats Cal 67-58

My choice in schools just kicked your choice in schools hinney, homeboy. Suck it. I was not one to give up confrontational conversation.


Somthing positive

So is anyone give up anything for lent? I have never done it and I would like to try it. I have been thinking and praying for the last two days. I don't have one yet and I would love to hear if anyone had one. Have a great day!!


The Real World: Key West

Just a public service announcement to any interested parties that The Real World's 17th season premiered last night. Entertainment Weekly gave it a D-, possibly the lowest grade given to any new spring show, but don't let that stop anyone from catching its second episode, slated for 10PM PST/EST March 7.

And just to head off the inevitable question, yes, Washington is in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.


text messaging machine

check your international text messaging plans- they normally don't care if you text canada.....i've caved in to the pressures of this world...or to the texting possibilities....try me...