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Best Spring Break (I've experienced)

My roomies and I took flight for four days. Yes, four days. And we covered 2600 milles! We filmed most of it and our room is constantly filled with the laughter of friends watching the video of our trip. I wish I could share it with you guys, just like I wish my friends here could understand what I'm talking about when I mention MH. Anyone feel the same?

Anyways, we went to the Grand Canyon, Four corners, Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, Alamogordo, White Sands Missle Range, and Tombstone. We slept in the car in below freezing temperatures in Wal Mart parking lots (they allow that) and did some crazy stuff. The pictures of the different landscapes/climates we covered is amazing, I wish I could post all 340 pics. Calsbad Caverns was my favorite. It was a cave 750 ft below that has 2 miles of walking, an average ceiling height of 80 ft and the square footage of 14 football fields! It was lit with different colors, so we didn't need lights or anything. It was so awesome to think of the places God inhabits without us knowing. Not to get all religious. It also snowed in Tombstone in the desert. It was amazing; I could write sooo much on this trip, but I'll spare you guys the rest.


Blogger Fisher-man said...

So fun. I'm jealous. I just finished a final, and there's more to come. However, this shouldn't be a downer because finals mean that Spring Break is coming. Mammoth watch out!

4:41 PM

Blogger Frodo said...

Exceedingly Jealous. And Spiff, we need to plan a DC Easter.

9:59 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

I may have to join you guys for that DC Easter. Is there room?

10:03 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

I would really like to go to MH for Easter. So would my brother. Where do you want to do Easter Frodo? P.S. - I heard G8R might be in town the weekend of April 13-14 if I'm right. If I could come up to visit, could I stay with you Frodo?

11:23 PM

Blogger Frodo said...

you are always welcome at Hope.

12:39 PM


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