Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Victory Circle-The Band

And yes, it's namesake is THE VC, but the Redwood one. Michael (Beans) from Redwood is in the band and told me about the name. I was stoked, I hope they come to SC!


use your imagination and...

"enter caption here"


Bob's address

Bob's address is:
Mount Hermon CA, 95041

Go crazy with it!


The Price is Right

I will be ON the Price is Right on February 28th. So for you old schoolers, you get to see me, COME ON DOWN!


DAFF is Growing UP!

Today...Thursday the 17th
is Daff's Birthday!!
Whoot Whooot
Lets toast to a new Chapter in life.
The new College Grad
The new Local to the Mount

ps. pray for daff...being an adult is hard work. wink



Hi everyone-

I hope you all are doing well. I thought that I would pass along a important announcement to everyone who has worked at Day Camp and that is that Mount Hermon has decided they are going to eliminate the Human Resource Director position, which means that Bob Russell is no longer going to be part of Mount Hermon. Bob, Lisa, Bill Fernald and the interns all meet yesterday where Bob revealed this news and then during a staff wide breakfast the news was revealed to everyone. Obviously this has been very hard on the intern staff because Bob was the one running the program and because most of us worked so closely with him. I was pretty shaken up yesterday and am still struggling today.

The reason for this decision, as it was explained to us by Roger Williams today and by Bob yesterday, is based on the need to cut financial expenses. Out of all the "General Administrative Expenses" Roger (I think he was the one who had to make this decision) felt that the Human Resource Director position was the one that made the most sense to elliminate.

Bob brought so much to the table, whether it was working with summer staff or interns. I feel it is rare to find someone like him who can be a boss and a friend with so many people so easily. He was a mentor and friend to me and so many others. As someone who understands business and the need to cut costs it is impossible to place a dollar value on Bob because of everything he brings to the table. Sorry that I'm rambling. Just know that this decision was done with lots of prayer and thought and that it wasn't a easy one to make.

Bob has interviewed at three different places, two in Santa Cruz area and one San Francisco and he is waiting to hear back from them. He is mostly likely going to be at Mount Hermon for the next couple of months unless his new job, if and when he gets hired, wants him there earlier. He will not be part of Summer Staff this summer. Ron and Jackie Demolar are going to be more involved this summer and are stepping in for now for recruiting and interviewing. Brandon (Mr. Crabs who is the HR intern) is going to be doing more and exactly how everything is going to be brake down. I do know there isn't a long term plan to hire anyone else or restablish that position.

Anyway, I'm burn't out on talking about this and I just wanted to pass this along to you guys. Hope you are all well. You can Pray for Bob and the staff. I feel by Bob leaving he is going to be able to minister to many more people and no doubt God has a plan for him. We just have to trust him.

Broom Ball!!!

i was cleaning my closet and i found my Phat Stack of power ranger cards...and lo and behold i discovered that our favorite super heros played broom ball! check out that pink rangers broom skill and knee pads...could she be any sexier? i think not...


a chicken with one leg...

so just a little DC memory for you all since summer is quickly approaching and will still have some school and work to get through first. Friday i was baby sitting my nephew, he wanted to sing a i began do a VERY VERY loud and exuberant version of the chicken with one leg lawn chant...when i was done i turned around and my brother had snuck into the room with a video camera and brought my mom and sister in law with my mom who most of you have met walks around singing "oh my i'm aaaaaa chicken with one leg....." it's funny and embarassing and now there is video of me making this terrible squwacking noise that will probably end up on youtube at some point! love you and miss you all so so much! (and if any of you can mentally picture my mom doing that lawn chant i promise you will be laughing out loud)


Becoming Belmont...

SOOOOOO today i started school up again at Belmont University! CRAZAAY.

for all of you who knew of the quitting school situation, terrible fights with roommate over the phone, and other traumatic experiences (DC 2007), the Lord came through, like he always does! whoo!

i've got class all five days a week with plenty of extra time on tues and thurs, plus a tap class on MWF... horaay for dancing! i love it! the only bad part about it is that i have a 8am class MWF... sociology.

the only OTHER bad part is that i still don't find a "yearnin' for learnin'" in myself. i know it's my first day back, but i'm bummed that i'm not all gung ho...

well i love you guys alot and wanted you to know what was goin on in banjo's exciting life! haha yea...

just send some prayers my way, and ya'll continue to update me and everyone else about your prayer requests and praises! i would love to pray for you all!

much love, in Him,
erin greene

Jer. 29:11, Phil. 4


"oh shannon, you're such a corker."

it's shannon's birthday. give her a woot. or i'll give you the boot. i'm serious. 

p.s. and in honor of her special day, i am encouraging you all to call and leave her a very annoying voicemail. she would prefer if you all quoted "far and away." it is how she got her call her and in your best irish accent, say those special lines (the title of this blog).
her cell # is 831-227-3407.


When We Were Young

Just got done cleaning up the house, tossing all our memories into the trash, and I thought I'd post this slideshow.

You want to know who's who, just ask Dash, who dominated this game.



Gator, Rudy, and Muppet...
Thank you so much for your immense hospitality over New Years. Despite the intense messes, constant loud volume, and occasional pee splatters on the bathroom floor, you all remained sane and happy to thank you again and again. : ) And thanks to all who organized meals and activities too! It was so great to be there! I can't wait to re-unite again with all you day-campers this coming summer! (Lord willing, of course!)

Happy 2008!


what you missed out on.....

one full hour of finger rocket war. danny against a bunch of girls. photos courtesy of snaps. fun. fun. fun. 

glad you were all here. happy new years. 

p.s. if you want to share your pictures on flickr,  go to and then click join this group and click any of your pictures with "send to group."