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Becoming Belmont...

SOOOOOO today i started school up again at Belmont University! CRAZAAY.

for all of you who knew of the quitting school situation, terrible fights with roommate over the phone, and other traumatic experiences (DC 2007), the Lord came through, like he always does! whoo!

i've got class all five days a week with plenty of extra time on tues and thurs, plus a tap class on MWF... horaay for dancing! i love it! the only bad part about it is that i have a 8am class MWF... sociology.

the only OTHER bad part is that i still don't find a "yearnin' for learnin'" in myself. i know it's my first day back, but i'm bummed that i'm not all gung ho...

well i love you guys alot and wanted you to know what was goin on in banjo's exciting life! haha yea...

just send some prayers my way, and ya'll continue to update me and everyone else about your prayer requests and praises! i would love to pray for you all!

much love, in Him,
erin greene

Jer. 29:11, Phil. 4


Blogger Pixie said...

I will be praying for you Erin...dont be too worried that you are not "feelin it" yet, because that might still be on its way! Im excited for you...this is gonna be a great experience...even if its just a "learning" one : ) I love you

9:52 AM

Blogger ┬íSalsa! said...

banj! i love you! i totally echo what pix said. my prayers are with you my love!!


10:17 AM

Blogger Daff said...

Congrats on getting back into school. I will keep you in my prayers!!!

1:36 PM

Blogger montana said...

serious congrats banjo! i'm so excited for you...and this new belmont adventure. you got my prayers too...

5:00 PM

Blogger Spidey said...


You know what helps me get back the "yearnin' for learnin'"?

Lot's and lot's of LSD! Let me know how that works for you.

9:56 AM

Blogger Frodo said...

...Starting to scare me there Spidey.

And best of luck to you at Belomont, Banjo. You're gonna do great.

10:57 AM

Blogger rudy said...

spidey? wtf?

4:29 PM

Blogger Dan said...

I'm suspending Spidey's posting privileges.

4:51 PM

Blogger Nova said...

'bout time they were suspended...

7:32 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Good luck banjo!

Spidey and I will start our own blog! Train buddies forever!

8:47 PM

Blogger Nova said...

BANJO!!! i am praying for you and you new adventures! and don't worry about not being too psyched about school, i never am either i think it kind of goes with the territory....but the Tap class sounds SOOO fun!

Spiff and spidey
you own blog full of innappropriate, over-the-line, foul languaged encouragement/jokes and updates?..........sounds like you two. Oh and I have a joke you can put on it if you want. but it's G rated

Did you hear about the boat full of burgoundy paint that crashed on a desert island?

the entire crew was maroon.


10:08 PM

Blogger Spidey said...

What, really?? I was just kidding!

10:58 PM

Blogger Race said...

haha! nice one, nova :)

9:08 PM

Blogger : ) Smiles ( : said...

Banjo, I've been praying for you and I hope you can find joy in your learning. You'll be looking at your last semester of college before you know it!

12:44 PM


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