Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


When We Were Young

Just got done cleaning up the house, tossing all our memories into the trash, and I thought I'd post this slideshow.

You want to know who's who, just ask Dash, who dominated this game.


Blogger Nova said...

so-i just noticed that this is post 666 and i thought it was funny, or something...haha. maybe it means we were all devil children ( I know I was despite that sweet dad had ear plugs, that's right, i screamed THAT much)

10:26 PM

Blogger montana said...

yeah...i saw that too nova...(duh...nuh...duh...nuh...duh...nuh....ahhHHH!)

ear plugs...daaaang...novacaine.

12:17 AM

Blogger Spidey said...

I have something to tell you all.

Frodo is the anti-christ...but we all knew that...right?

12:09 PM

Blogger Jonathan said...

Spidey, whats up with all this random comments?

5:45 PM

Blogger montana said...

yeah, i don't get it either. and jon we missed you and kristin @ new years.

7:24 PM

Blogger Race said...

yeah who, we missed you :(
spidey, cool new profile pic! i look quite snobby.

6:21 PM

Blogger Frodo said...

Why on earth am I the anti-christ again?

7:19 PM

Blogger Nova said...

you've always been the anti-christ frodo, but we love you anyways.

8:10 PM


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