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a chicken with one leg...

so just a little DC memory for you all since summer is quickly approaching and will still have some school and work to get through first. Friday i was baby sitting my nephew, he wanted to sing a i began do a VERY VERY loud and exuberant version of the chicken with one leg lawn chant...when i was done i turned around and my brother had snuck into the room with a video camera and brought my mom and sister in law with my mom who most of you have met walks around singing "oh my i'm aaaaaa chicken with one leg....." it's funny and embarassing and now there is video of me making this terrible squwacking noise that will probably end up on youtube at some point! love you and miss you all so so much! (and if any of you can mentally picture my mom doing that lawn chant i promise you will be laughing out loud)


Blogger Melinda said...

ohhh Nova!

How I love this image.

Even though I regret to say this lawn chant I have never heard...

Someone post it on you tube...and make my day!!


11:08 PM

Blogger Nova said...

it goes something like this
chicken with one leg
a chicken with two legs
a chicken with on wing
a chicken with two wings
a chicken with a head
a chicken with a tail
a chicken-chicken-chicken-chicken

if you can imagine hopping on one leg then two-flapping with one wing than two-head bobbing-"tail" shakin' and really getting into that squack at the end i think you get the basic idea. i'll do it for you next time in SC if you don't.

and i love the picture too-what's not to love about a dancing chicken?

11:59 PM

Blogger : ) Smiles ( : said...

I love the chicken lawn chant! Great picture Nova. Let it inspire us all to find the inner chicken within. Ssqquuuaaakkkk!!!! ( :

12:37 PM

Blogger Frodo said...

I also was not fortunate enough to see this lawn chant, so how about you follow through with the youtube threat and then I will know what I missed?

I would really enjoy that.

4:10 PM

Blogger Race said...

here here! i agree with the fro-meister.

11:07 PM

Blogger Nova said...

oh no-i think i just shot myself in the foot.

12:00 AM

Blogger montana said...

i'm tellin' ya nova, you'll be more famous than the numa numa guy...

8:39 PM


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