Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


so, some gross news

Today is a big day in the world of Lark a paper due tonight, a midterm today, and before the midterm an interview to be editor-in-cheif of our yearbook "pillar" yeah so my school has a yearbook that may be weird for you Westwood people but when there is only 3,000 it works....I've been interviwed by student government and now I have to be interviewed by student life/admin a whole committee of students, staff, faculty, admin- yeah I'm going to be eaten alive by them!
But I suppose you are wondering why the title some gross news, well last night when I come home my dear roommate says, "Lark I have some bad news for you, I think I have scabies!" I was like what! I though people in the civil war got scabies...but after some research it looks as though she may have it, which means there are bugs in her body burrowing and it's transmitable through contact (yeah for me!) we don't know where she got it(not through sex) ...all we know is that she's going to the dr. today to find out if it really my skin feels continually itchy and now I'm living in fear of getting it- GROSSSNESSS- there is some entertainment for you spring break.
Bruin have you been watching 24? I'm waiting for the DVD.


So right now Fish and I are on Spring Break....and absolutely none of our friends are in town.... and so we've decided to hang out. we were wishing that more people would post on the message forum so that we would have something to do. fish has friends.. (he says) but i don't (and fish doesn't really either). but i am way cooler than Fish could imagine..... and that is all that i have to say about that


Introduction by way of Coercion.

So after Gator said, "Mike, introduce yourself! You're so cool! Everyone should know how cool you are!" I said this: "Eh, I don't really wanna'." Needless to say, Gator's telepathic powers overcame my bashful will.

So, uh, I'll see you all this summer. I'm Mike (Michael), some call me Zephyr (let's do something to change that, shall we?) I date Meredith (the pretty one - some call her Ducky. Let's keep that status quo, shall we?) I worked at DC for one week last summer (or helped out really - I definitely didn't get paid, so let's call it helping out, shall we?) I have nothing more to say really. Questions?


Vegas, Baby. Vegas.

Hey guys. Sorry more of you couldn't stop by Westwood, but I understand it's Easter / Spring Break season. Kind of impulsively Fish, Fuzz, and I drove to Las Vegas last night, made it there by midnight, gambled for a while, hung out for longer, and watched the sun rise over the strip. I flew out at 6:30AM. It was great.

Really great, because I met someone there. She's...well, I think she's the greatest, and I'm really worried about messing things up. She's a cocktail waitress. Her name's Guadalupe and we've decided to see each other for a while long distance. She'll comp me with motel rooms on alternating weekends and we'll spend some time together at the Country-Fried Buffet. I think you'd all really like her and -- sorry, I get so distracted when I think about my little Guady. Anyway, I can't wait for you all to meet her.



So what do you think?

So I guess I can’t complain I’m not totally out of the love loop, there has been this guy that keeps calling me flying up to visit me. Yeah so I’m really into him…he’s kinda high profile though, so I thought I should run it by you guys before it became anything too serious…but can I say this we’re going to have the wedding of the century? So, let me know…is he a stud or dud?

me and this guy that i think is pretty cool



Yes...well, I am done. G8R is here and we want to hang out with everyone on Saturday night in LA. My place - - - be there.


So this girl really likes me, and I'm really liking her. She's SO cute (and solid!)! We went on a blind date last week, and now we're dating almost everyday! Her name is Kim and as far as I can see, we might have something going on. We're taking it a day at a time, but I can't get enough. I may be making a dork of myself if I come this summer and say, " she was a 2 week fling" or something like that, but I don't think I have THAT impressive of a reputation heart goes out to you Fish, I don't know where I'm going, but I like it...comments please, (besides the fact that I have a knife aimed at her). Thanks guys. : ) Posted by Hello

I want to read.

For Chilly and Frodo, you know you want one:


i know it might not sound important...

but i am really excited... tonight i kissed a girl that i like. i mean - - I like her. or at least as far as i can tell at this point. i am kinda scared, but in the good way..... it is really fun except for the knot in my stomach. her name is jenny hall.


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Mother of PEARL!

Holy cow! And Bob and Larry are gonna be there? Can we get the night off?

(I've got to get this autographed this summer.)


I just got a copy for Spirt West Coast this summer. And what do my eyes spot? None other than JUNKO! From our humble halls all the way to SWC. I think we should go and tell all the fans that we're personal friends.
(click on picture to enlarge)


Don and Me yeah that's right we're friends

the joys of LA

I thought I'd seen it all with the star spottings in Starbucks, a week of rain shutting down the city, and the sitting in traffic for two hours to go five blocks (no joke). Until today.
This morning I was awoken by a siren, skreaching, a huge crash and then three police officers yelling sternly "get on the ground, put your hands in the air." I got out of bed to see where this madness was taking place, to find it culminated in my parking spot. I never thought I'd say this, but I am so thankful for street cleaning, because that prevented me from parking there this morning. Unfortunately, someone was parked there and his car smashed into another car, ultimately totaling three. The driver was driving a stolen car and was carrying a wad of cash adn drugs. The saddest part is that the stolen car had handicap lisence plates. Thank the Lord, nobody was hurt, except a few cuts on the driver. My street and sidewalk is trafficked by many pedestrians, but by His grace, they weren't out this morning. So this is my praise for the day. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe today from those crazies out there. Now that, that, that, that is crazy! (Shout out to Fisher)


I met the man

Well Don Miller, I guess I could refer to him as the man- yeah so he came to TWU spoke in Chapel, I got him to sign my book(s) had a little chaty chat, a picture is to come....



so, I got to hang with Disco this past week since I was home had some good Mexican food and good times, so now I get to join the ranks of seeing day camp people during the year! aside from frodo of course. sorry gator that seeing eachother didn't work out, I ended up getting a car the night we were going to hang out, then I promptly started coughing my lungs out with a cold...yeah try driving 14.5 hours alone with a cold- not fun- but I have a car so I can't complain.
peace out- lark

Disco and Me!


Hey my bad

I was off the map there for a while and I know I neglected to return calls / e-mails / well-wishes. So, real sorry, but for whatever it's worth, I'm real proud of the final product.

Oh, and I'm finally listed on, which means I've basically hit the big time.



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