Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Welcome to New Years

Just wanted to welcome you all to our home. We can't wait for you all to join in the festivities! May you laugh, and have moments of depth. May you enjoy meeting new faces, and embrace the old.

Con Mucho Amor


Please Bring a BLANKETS, & something to sleep on top of (Our floors have no plush carpet, wink). That is unless you are like Slider, "I love the ground! give me a blanket and I'm fine". If you are flying or don't have much space we do have some extra's, or you can just snuggle with someone. 

Please Bring a TOWEL. We have some but not enough for all!

Again see you all soon. 



Twenty-One years ago......

Day Camp's Golden Boy was born!!!
Tell him Happy Birthday!

news update...

there will be a little furbie and a little chachi due this summer. and NO they are not together....they are both happily married to wonderful women...though they do love each other a lot. so for those of you who know furbs or the chach- tell them congratulations!!!

p.s. encourage them to name their child after their other favorite girl (yours truly). i am content with rudy, bootie, or venessa.


But Seriously:

I know you're home for Christmas. I know you're checking the blog 'cause life is just that desperate in Bellinghamamedalumabarbara. Grab your digital camera. Grab a baby picture (pretty much anything'll do). Take a picture of it and email it to Or just bring it with you.

This is the icebreaker. Thanks for pitching in.



From Crab's HR e-mail today:

The director position has been eliminated at Day Camp. The Day Camp advisor, along with the team leaders, will oversee Day Camp. Two additional special needs counselors will also be hired.

End of an era I'm real proud to have been a part of.


Quick Reminder

As ya'll finish up your semesters and whatnot and head home for the holidays, make sure to grab a baby photo from mom & dad. Bring it to New Years. You'll get it back. Thanks.

That's How It Starts...

As of c. 6:40 PM, Dec. 15, I'm done with school. At least the undergrad part of it.

Here's a video of the first song I listened to after my last final:


Good bye Kmart

So today was my last day and I have to say that I am oddly bummed. Going in I thought it was going to suck but all things considered it was a pretty legit experence. That being said I'm happy to move on to other things, so I'll see you all at new years. Merry Christmas.

Ho, Ho, Ho!


Pixie what???

Pixie BirthdaY!!!!!
Show her some lovin' people cause she just got a year older!!!!
We love you Pix and hope you had an aMazIng birthday!


Guest List + Bacchanalia

If you haven't RSVP'd, make that happen pronto. The Fire Marshall says we can have 30 people in our place at any one time so we're capping this thing at 40. The rest of you can hang out on the deck. That's the law. Sorry.

Finally, if you have a wiener, this is for you:

I'm pretty sure the penelopea girls are repurposing Christmas ornaments into cat toys or something somewhere if you girls want something to do.

PS. If you've been volunteered for a meal, I'll need to know pretty soon what ingredients you want me my Mexican help to get from Costco. Gidget, Nova, Spiff, Daff, Indy, Montana: e-mail it, okay?


Kmart Santa is..


On Sunday the 9th from 12 to 3pm.

Have you been good?


Be a pal.

It's coming down to the deadline in this blog/nerd award thing and I'm losing to a class of fourth graders. You wanna be a pal, click on each of these and vote dy/dan.

Thanks a mil, Day Camp homies.

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Question #3

So here's the story...

While at new years 2008 one DC'er will have there consciousness placed inside your body. Your consciousness will go dormant for 1 year. On new years 2009 you will gain control over your body again with all the memories, benefits, and consequences from having said person possess your body.

Who would you pick?


>The person controlling your body cannot tell others that it is their consciousness in your body.

>Your mind will go dormant, while their mind will continue to exist in there body as well as your body; with no knowledge that their same consciousness is in your body.

>If they die while in your body, then there original body and mind will die as well.

>If they die while in your body, then your consciousness, while dormant, will die as well.

>The person inhabiting your body will gain all the information that you possessed as of New Years Eve night 2008. All your inner thoughts, everything!

>You will retain everything the person did and thought while in your body when you get your body back on New Years 2009.

>As it is a separate consciousness, the person taking over your body for the year will not retain any information to his/her original body.


Random Question #2

If you could serve as the partner in crime for one day with any DC'er with a Groundhog day effect, who would it be?

For Spidey: