Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Oh Fish, Did you REALLY lose our #'s?

I'm not buying it. What are you trying to pull? Do you want us all to put our numbers up so that you can go to your friends and say, "Hey, east coast friends! Go to this site and crank call all the numbers that you see!" Yeah that sounds like our Fisher.

But then again, if he is telling the truth then Fisher can never call me! And that peoples, is bad for business.

Ah, what the hell. Why not?

Love you Fisher


Blogger made me switch the DC Blog over to a new service they're running so if you want to post (or even comment) I think, you've got to go to and log in to the old Blogger. It'll then make you switch over to the New Blogger and everything will be peaches and pizza.

Really weird to see the contributor's list so low. Anyway, sorry about the new world we live in.


this is random

so i was exploring the world wide web and i came across spidey's flickr pictures....and just thought i would share two of his pictures with you all....more like the captions to them.
<------this caption was "...and i'm here to sexy you up."-spidey??
and this caption was, "who wants to volunteer to be her friend?"
i pretty much laughed at all the creativity and thought he put into such great and odd titles, i just kept thinking ?????????? oh and might i add that the title to jav's picture is, "my name is javelin suavo."
well thats it.


Happy 500

I just wanted to post the 500th blog entry! I just want to thank everyone who made this possible:
Gator- For creating the Blog. I couldn't have done it without you because if there was no you there wouldn't have been the DC blog, which means no one could have posted.
Everyone else- For Posting so we could reach 500. I love you guys
Al Gore- For creating the Internet

Hope everyone is doing good and I love you all.



Well, I am having some firsts occur in my life at the moment, and so I just wanted to fill all of you lovely Day Camp people in what's going on:

1) I lost my cell phone. First time - not a lie! Unfortunately this means that I have no one's phone number. I have been able to log in a couple of you who've called in the last few days, but by and large, I have no #'s for anyone anymore. This is a great excuse for all of you to get in touch with me. When you do - if we don't speak - please leave your phone # in the message. You can also post it or e-mail it to, but phone calls are fun, and we could use it as a chance to catch up.

2) It snowed today in Washington, DC. It has been UNSEASONABLY warm here in DC (in the 70s last week), and so it was nice to actually have some colder weather... I mean I live on the East Coast for goodness sake - I bought a jacket and everything!!! It was pretty gorgeous outside because the snow actually stuck, but then a few hours later it kind of rained. No matter, because it was still a fun first day of snow.

3) I start a brand new job tomorrow morning. I am going to be working at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). My position is Finance Assistant for the Western Region, which means that I will be working underneath the Western Finance Director and her Deputy. My region is in charge of all of the fundraising for the DSCC that takes place in 15 of the western states (including Cali and basically every other state that some of you may live in). It sounds like it is going to be a pretty cool job cause I will able to learn what fundraising is like and work with all of the Senators who are from out west. I will also get to occasionally travel, and so hopefully I will be in areas where people live and able to visit on work's dime. I'll make sure to let you all know when this actually happens.

Yeah - so that's kinda what's going on with me at the moment. Loved seeing so many of you while I got to visit. Make sure you call me or contact me so I can keep in touch.... this whole losing of the cell phone thing is extremely annoying.

tonight when walking from my car to my house...i slipped as i was going down hill and fell on my ass. i hate ice, i hate snow...i want it to go away.

here is an ugly picture for you.


Happy Birthday Daff!!

I wanted to say happy birthday big guy. I know that these pictures are not like Gators but the one with you and I is my one of my best pictures of the summer.

love ya bro


So I need to do one of my resolutions

Wedding planning is going good. Only 90 days until the wedding! For those that likes the internet I have made a wedding website.

Other than that life has been good. When we got back, I helped kristin move, but the lady that was going to let kristin in called her and told her that she could live with her anymore. So Kristin is living with me now, on the couch. Next week she is going to house sit for a week and a half. And next week she has two interviews and I am waiting for a call back, so if people could be praying for her and I that would be great.

Oh and Thank you Gator, Muppet, and Rudy for a great New Year. The time with you all really was special.

we needed a new post...

so that's it. I don't have anything exciting to say, just thought it was time for a new post. So here it with it people.


another birthday

so i couldn't get on the computer til now. so happy birthday muppet the mexican.


happy 21st birthday shannon!!!!!

happy birthday to you!!!! we love you!


Proof There Is a God

Daff lost Isse No and had to pee his pants.

Daff stepped in a lot of poop.

Daff found his flight took off without him earlier that morning.

A Southwest flight told Daff he hadn't actually missed his flight.

Yeah, that was a great time, and not just the parts where Daff suffered. If you want to share photos on Flickr, then login and go here. Click "Join This Group." Then go to any of your photos and click on "Send to Group" above the photo. I reckon you've got it from there.



Thank You!
Muppet, Gator & Rudy for your hospitality...

I know I'm not the only one that had a great time this past weekend, so thanks again guys for hosting us and making this whole tradition possible.

i'd be down for sharing pictures, but i'm not sure the best way to get that going...Flickr perhaps?