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this is random

so i was exploring the world wide web and i came across spidey's flickr pictures....and just thought i would share two of his pictures with you all....more like the captions to them.
<------this caption was "...and i'm here to sexy you up."-spidey??
and this caption was, "who wants to volunteer to be her friend?"
i pretty much laughed at all the creativity and thought he put into such great and odd titles, i just kept thinking ?????????? oh and might i add that the title to jav's picture is, "my name is javelin suavo."
well thats it.


Blogger Frodo said...

Jav: If you would shoot that look at me I would die a happy man.

Tania: a little wine will take care of that shyness just like that.

9:18 PM

Blogger Nova said...

"I'm here to sexy you up???" what the ? somebodies been listening to a little too much Justin Timberlake...

9:50 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Silly Rudy! Getting pictures on the blog to correspond with arrows is for kids.

10:31 AM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Yikes! Sounds like a bad translation website did the work for Spidey...

PS- Rudy, you're sure you didn't gank these pics from Jack Pearsons's computer, right?

11:51 AM

Blogger rudy said...

weird, it thought that mr. timberlake was bringing sexy back. hahahaha spidey, perhaps you got a typo.

2:12 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

I'm pretty good looking.

5:00 PM


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