Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



Just wanted to say thanks to Gator and Muppet for hosting the Riddler while he was here. Glad I saw Shaggs, Critter, Bug and Cosmos.

I miss Mount Hermon and remember to be quiet in the LZ.

Or the Riddler cometh. And he cometh soon.

2001 and 2003 forever.


From Chi-town to La Cruz

a little update on my life.
after a b-e-a-utiful spring break trip to winter park, colorado, i decided to visit the luscious chicago, illiniois. i must say that this place is HUGE! this is just another puzzled moment i had while mapping out the town. this is all beside the fact, because more importantly is that i will be visiting my amigos in santa cruz this summer.
as most can understand, the funding for next year is looking shy, and the herm just wouldnt cut it. so, i paroused my options and ended up being hired by IBM in san jose. pretty sweet. they are giving me the flow that i will need, but most importantly, they are only 40 minutes from the best place on earth. ive been checking into transpo. and its just a couple of dollars for the one way metro trip. you can count on me stopping by for a good couple of weekends this summer. also, i would be troubled if you didnt stop by my humble abode in san jose state university to give a little shout-out.
at the end of my summer sprint, i hope to chill at the herm from august 10-14'ish *(you had better believe that i plan on teaming with you boys... daff, is this cool?). cant wait to see everyone soon... well, see you later.


some prayers

hey guys. I just wanted to ask you all to pray for my little sister Bethany. She took a major spill this afternoon off of her bike onto the street when a dog that was chasing her cut her off. Her face is pretty torn up and they think she might have a concusion and possibly a broken nose and cheekbone (the docters said probably not but they couldn't tell because she was so swollen up). She basically lost the skin on every elbow and knee too. i would really really appreciate the prays and so would she I am sure. Thanks! ~Nova


or not...

So I may not be moving to Santa Cruz after all. Not because they withdrew my acceptance or anything, but because last night I got accepted by UCLA which was a definite long shot and probably an opportunity I shouldn't pass. I might be joining the ranks of Fish and Bruin now (anyone else?), but I'm still waiting to hear from Berkeley and if they let me in then I just have no idea what I'll do. SC is still an option, but I'll have to see which school offers the best program.

p.s. Gator, you know you hate life every morning when you reach in the closet for a button up shirt. You just didn't want to admit it Jav. sucka.


Thumbs up!

Red Room and Spider-Man

I got Spider-man 3 tickets X's 3 tonight. And after that it was on to the Red Room. It was a good night for Chris Henderson (soon to be Love).

If you want me to score you (disambiguation) any tickets for the show, let me know in a couple of days and I'll see what I can do. It's the midnight showing of the 4th of May. That's a Thursday night/ early Friday morning. It's $9 bucks a ticket.

Oh Baby!


Mine're up!

Click on the pitcher or right here.


tall t's are back.

so here's the deal: for a limited time only, any past or present daycamp counselor can come to our house and take a picture in the one and only TALL T. all you have to do is hang out, and in the morning when gator leaves for can go into gator's closet and grab this shirt, strike a pose, and there you go.
warning: due to the disturbance of gator's privacy, failure to be obedient to the laws of his room can lead to insane pummeling. beware this is at your own risk.


fish's dirty little secret

steve...? steve sanders!!! is that you??

can someone PLEASE tell me why we weren't told this before???

p.s. this is no way intended to steal hula's thunder... i just thought it was too good to pass up.

Hula's Happenings

After an introduction like the one below, there’s really not much to say. But I thought I’d attempt to clarify a few minor details (but major kudos to you, Gator, for effort).

Sorry for not making the introduction sooner…

Nate and I met last November at a church college/career retreat near Big Bear, CA. We kept in contact for the next couple weeks. He asked me out a few times, but each time I wasn’t able to make it, so I said no. He eventually stopped calling. He says he thought I wasn’t interested. I say he gave up on me. But I guess I gave him the wrong idea.

We saw each other several times over the next couple months, but never got to actually hang out.

Fast forward to early March… he calls my dad (not knowing it’s my dad) because he’s interested in taking a guy he works with to a Bible study that my dad teaches. To make a very long story short, Nate and I start communicating again. About a week later we begin dating!

Here’re some stats about my bf:
It’s an understatement to say he’s amazing. He’s 25, has lived in England, Hawaii, and Chicago. Currently lives and works in Santa Barbara. Has a couple degrees, including one from Calvary Chapel Bible College. His surfing and skating skills are incredible (he’s currently in Mexico for a professional body boarding competition). But the best part is that he has a huge heart for knowing Truth and seeks to live for the Lord.

I’m going to be giving Nate a full tour of the Mount on Sunday, April 29. So if you’re in the area on that day, I would absolutely LOVE for him to meet you. I speak highly and frequently of my dc fam, so it would be awesome to meet up with you. Give me a call if you think you’ll be around: eight zero five-six eight zero-zero three five seven.

P.s. …In other areas of my life… I have a new job… I’m working in Public Relations at the corporate headquarters of an international restaurant chain (our most popular restaurant is Carl's Jr.) in the beautiful Carpinteria, CA… I really love it!

Thanks for reading my short novel! Hope all is well with each of you. Love you all.

Introducing Hula's Boyfriend

Hey guys, just a Day Camp news bulletin here to let you know that Hula's got a boyfriend, a fact which I had to find out through her Flickr stream. So since Hula doesn't care enough about us to give even a basic bio of her latest boy-toy (what is this, like the seventh one since January, Hula?) I thought I'd give it to you myself.

His name is Nate. He's 29 years old and a toll booth attendant. Sometime last March, Hula was crossing the Hancock Bridge outside Santa Barbara with a trunk full of toys for syphillis survivors. She was short for toll change but Nate happily accepted her phone number as compensation.

He called her fresh off his 2AM shift that night and asked her out right then. Hula was wary but sensed hefty future savings on bridge toll so she accepted his offer of a zoo date. The next week they dined out at The Tiki Taco Stand at the Santa Barbara Zoo and stayed up until closing throwing poo back at the monkeys.

It was magic and has been ever since.

[Hey, Hula-girl, I may have misreported some dates, locations, and basic facts. If that's the case, feel free to correct me in the comments.]


Happy Easter, etc.

Hallo. Happy Easter. Too bad we don't have Easter Camp!

Anyways, I'm bored out of my mind at school and I have a question for Jav, or anyone else who might me capable of answering it: On the Away From Her film trailer, there is a cool song. Anyone know who it is? I must have it. Thanks. Six Days, Who.


Hells Bells!


Reasons why Spiff should give up on RA debriefing.

So here's the deal kids.

On the weekend of May 18th there will be a car trip from beautiful Santa Cruz California to Big Sur to Camp out. This is the list of participants so far...


You want to come? Sign up's are open.