Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



Just wanted to say thanks to Gator and Muppet for hosting the Riddler while he was here. Glad I saw Shaggs, Critter, Bug and Cosmos.

I miss Mount Hermon and remember to be quiet in the LZ.

Or the Riddler cometh. And he cometh soon.

2001 and 2003 forever.


Blogger rudy said...

you slept in my bed. naked and hairy. argh.

3:40 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Yes! It IS you! I wasn't sure and you probably don't even remember me. You're last post was save as a draft, so we couldn't comment on it. Visit us this summer.

4:50 PM

Blogger Riddler said...

I shall Spiffer (Sorry about the draft thing. Riddler sometimes doesn't do things right.)

Hee hee. . . Rudy's bed. . . . It's comfy!

(NOTE: Rudy was not there when I did that.)

5:51 PM

Blogger Frodo said...

HA! That had the potential for a great story. And here's to my great memories of 2003...good times with the Riddler.

6:55 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

I sense a scandal!!!

Good to hear from you Riddler! Glad you had fun in the herm.

7:55 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Riddler needs to learn he's not a 3rd person.

9:15 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Awww... I missed the Riddler. *sad face* The Riddler must let Spider-man know when The Riddler comes back to the mount. The Riddler is also welcome to sleep in Spider-man's bed in the place normally reserved for Spider-man's body pillow, Roxy.

11:38 PM

Blogger Lark said...

woot woot to summer 2003
and a littler woot to when riddler came last summer and didn't REMEMBER me!

12:40 AM

Blogger Riddler said...

Yeah, and Lark grabbed the Awkward button and jammed it to level 10 when the Riddler couldn't remember her name.

(But the Riddler did take her to Pixar . . . . . . THE DEBT HAS BEEN PAID!)


And Michael K needs to learn some respect!

[Riddler served as Staff Counselor for DC in 2001 and for JH/HS in 2003. FYI]

11:51 AM

Blogger Dan said...

Ew. Just ew.

9:27 PM

Blogger rudy said...

i hate everyone who had a part in that. i will forever be wounded by your betrayal.

9:56 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Riddler, you're my hero!

11:26 PM

Blogger rudy said...

does that mean that you find heroes in people who are hairy and naked in othe people's beds.

12:37 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Yes Bootie, I do. wanna fight about it?

1d 23hrs

10:55 AM

Blogger Riddler said...

Man, I didn't know that my shirtless appearance would cause so many hits. Holla.

Oh, I miss you all. I just want to hug you guys. Here's my tour of future bedroom appearances without my shirt. I will only make an appearance when the person is out of the state.

June: Dot
July: Bug or Lark
August: Frodo
September: Who
October: Chilly
November: Smalls
December: Smalls
January: Resting up.
February 08: Gator

2:02 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

Whatever - east coast beds not good enough for you Riddler?

2:04 PM

Blogger Riddler said...

My tour has to be local. . . Just West coast beds. . .

I smell jealousy.

2:42 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

I'm on the west coast...

Whatever, I don't even care!

3:28 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

well, i better plan a halloween va-cay.

sorry fish, i guess that means you have to come home. or at least to the west coast. we miss you...

6:14 PM

Blogger Nova said...

this has got to be one of the oddest conversations i have ever encountered. DC counselors certainly are a breed of our own.

-small update on my sis-i saw her today and she is healing and in INCREDEBLY fast rate! i have never seen such a drastic change in an injury! she is looking and feeling great! thanks so so much for your prayers!

9:31 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Oh Nova, I'm so happy for you. I wish I could just make your sister better right away. But that's God's job and he is awesome at his job! I'll ask him to help your sister some more. Hang in there!

10:59 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

in the meantime...
Any riddles for us, Riddler?

Or is that part of you retired?

10:46 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

It's been a while since we've had a post with20+ comments. It brings me back! Thanks Riddler.

10:52 AM

Blogger Riddler said...

The reason I got the Riddler as my name is that I would start out questions with: "Riddle me this."

Riddle me this, when are we going to the beach?
Riddle me this, when should I commit to this relationship I'm in back home? (Update: We broke up [4 years ago] and then she married a ventriloquist. TRUE STORY.)
Riddle me this, why does that guy go into the laundry room and try on other people's clothes? (AGAIN, TRUE STORY.)

So Burt and Fidgit named me Riddler.

So I wasn't a riddler per se. People just couldn't figure me out.

11:29 AM

Blogger Lark said...

what was the story with the flowers on dorm hill...riddler didn't you always say something about when they DIE the summer is over? Or is all the BC bud getting to me?

3:28 PM

Blogger Riddler said...

The flowers, the little white ones on dorm hill on the trellace, bloom right in June, but they die in late August. So you can judge how long summer will last based on those flowers.

Every day at the Herm is precious because one day you will see the Mount Hermon sign in the rearview mirror of your car.

Except if you live there.

3:45 PM

Blogger Dan said...

Happy Birthday, Riddler! And Snaps!

3:46 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

oh yeah, i remember those flowers! I thought they were soo cute and innocent. then the rid told me that killjoy theory of his - And i hated looking at them.

ps- i totally love the length of this post. makes me smile.

10:04 PM

Blogger Riddler said...

Sorry for the post, but anyone who was in DC in 2001 and left their clothes in the laundry room. . . . .Neb wore them.

He wore them he wore them he wore them.

1:45 PM

Blogger Melinda said...

Ewww...Yeah Neb did do many things we all wish we NEVER KNEW!!! thanks thanks for bringing that back...I think Joe has pictures. Don't ask.

And for the record it was not brought all pure joy. More joy when I got Rudy's txt..."RIDDLER SLEPT IN MY BED"

i laughed
i smiled
i sighed, "ohh Riddler"

12:50 AM


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