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Hula's Happenings

After an introduction like the one below, there’s really not much to say. But I thought I’d attempt to clarify a few minor details (but major kudos to you, Gator, for effort).

Sorry for not making the introduction sooner…

Nate and I met last November at a church college/career retreat near Big Bear, CA. We kept in contact for the next couple weeks. He asked me out a few times, but each time I wasn’t able to make it, so I said no. He eventually stopped calling. He says he thought I wasn’t interested. I say he gave up on me. But I guess I gave him the wrong idea.

We saw each other several times over the next couple months, but never got to actually hang out.

Fast forward to early March… he calls my dad (not knowing it’s my dad) because he’s interested in taking a guy he works with to a Bible study that my dad teaches. To make a very long story short, Nate and I start communicating again. About a week later we begin dating!

Here’re some stats about my bf:
It’s an understatement to say he’s amazing. He’s 25, has lived in England, Hawaii, and Chicago. Currently lives and works in Santa Barbara. Has a couple degrees, including one from Calvary Chapel Bible College. His surfing and skating skills are incredible (he’s currently in Mexico for a professional body boarding competition). But the best part is that he has a huge heart for knowing Truth and seeks to live for the Lord.

I’m going to be giving Nate a full tour of the Mount on Sunday, April 29. So if you’re in the area on that day, I would absolutely LOVE for him to meet you. I speak highly and frequently of my dc fam, so it would be awesome to meet up with you. Give me a call if you think you’ll be around: eight zero five-six eight zero-zero three five seven.

P.s. …In other areas of my life… I have a new job… I’m working in Public Relations at the corporate headquarters of an international restaurant chain (our most popular restaurant is Carl's Jr.) in the beautiful Carpinteria, CA… I really love it!

Thanks for reading my short novel! Hope all is well with each of you. Love you all.


Blogger alexandra said...

nice work, hula! you're an amazing girl, and it sounds like you found an amazing man!

can't wait to meet him and see you sometime soon!

11:05 PM

Blogger Dan said...

My story's funner.

11:18 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

You guys can stay at my house if you want when your down here. I'll be going into finals that week so I don't know how much "hang out" time I can give you, but mi casa es su casa.

12:11 AM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Wish I could be there. When did he graduate from CCBC?

12:19 AM

Blogger Hula said...

he graduated from CCBC a year and a half ago or so. :)

12:00 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

What a cutie! So happy for you my dear! Enjoy the Herm.

10:42 AM

Blogger Daff said...

Yo! You better bring him around this summer!

10:07 AM


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