Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Just wanted to say Hi!

This weekend was alot of fun! I spent time with Joe and Collie. Then I went to USA soccer game with Kristin and Collie. I had front row seats, I got a great girlfriend! USA won 5 to 0. Then I spent the night with Kristin at D-land! Now, back in the libary working on papers. I just wanted to say hi and I miss all of you so much! Have a great day!


Where ya at

I agree with Fish that there needs to be a bit more action on here, so I figured I'd make a post. Anyway, I saw Rudy for the first time since new years today and I realized that I haven't seen or really talked to any of you Day Camp folk since around then and that's just no fun. I am planning on going to Chico in a few weekends, I don't remember if any of you go there or not, but if you do, let me know because I'd love to drop in and say hi. Also, for you socal folks, my friend and I are planning on going to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and possibly San Diego towards the end of February, so let me know where you guys are at, because I think we're making stops at basically every school along the way to visit friends. And well, you guys are friends, so I better stop in. I hope to see some of you in the coming months and for those of you not in those areas, I have four day weekends and am still jobless (also a prayer request there, I REALLY need a job), so drop me a line and let's meet up. I hope all is well with you guys, I put my application in for this summer and am really set on it (as long as they want me), hopefully some of you are able to return.


Someone else should say something.

I miss my Day Camp friends. I check this site at least once a day, if not more. Please talk.


Fish's World (not crib)

I haven't posted in quite a while, and I wanted to give some updates and let myself think.

1st - The speeding ticket.
"Dead, dead, dead!" That's right - I fought the ticket and won. I spent hours upon hours preparing for my day in court, hoping to argue about legal technicalities for why I shouldn't pay my fine. It turns out that I was let off far easier; the cop didn't even show up. I was relieved, but almost a bit sad that I didn't have a chance to fight and do crazy court stuff like offer "precedent law" and tell the prosecution to "shove it." Yeah, that's right; I did my homework, and I'm a bit eccentric. My advice for speeding ticket recipients - FIGHT! E-mail me and I'll send you the book I bought about what to do. If the cop even shows up you can always ask for a reduced fine - even if you were speeding.

2nd - Speaking of fighting.
I know this will undoubtably sound like I am a cheesy rip-off of Fight Club, and maybe it's true, but I've recently had an almost insatiable urge to get in a fight. I spent a good portion of last week trying to piss off one of my friends while playing football and frisbee with hopes that he would punch me. He is more athletic than I, but we are similar size, and I thought it would be a semi-fair fight (possibly even giving him the advantage). I believe the reasoning for this (arguably insane) line of thought about fighting can be attributed to my recent feelings of flat-lining. Last quarter was a bit "normal" and "routine" for my taste, and I didn't completely know this or know what to do. I now think it was most likely the result of not being very tuned into God, but the emerging feelings in myself was an unusal attraction to extremely passionate, almost insane, individuals (everyone should look up the Rolling Stone article about Rahm Emmanuel) and ideas (like fighting one of my friends). It may sound insincere (because I don't know how to say this stuff), but I am really trying to look to Jesus to help me figure this out. This seems like a more civilized and Christian-like approach, and besides, my other tack had not been working - I couldn't get anyone to punch me.

3rd - The rest (including some tentative future plans).
I go to school (theses should die!), I am involved with church, I have friends and a wonderful girlfriend, and I work on a campaign; life is full, but of good things. I do like what I'm doing even though things can get mundane in their more or less routine nature. When I graduate I would like to work on a campaign, and of course we all know about the future presidency, but that is for later thought and profligation (the word is originally an adjective, but I tried to make it a verb (I think)) of words. I think I may want to work as part of a program called Teach for America, and I'm sure many of you have heard of it. I had been planning on taking the LSAT this spring, but it hasn't felt completely right in recent weeks. I seem to change my mind on a bi-weekly basis, and so I don't want anyone haranguing me if plans change. But as for now, this looks like a likely post-graduation objective.

Love and miss you all. Thanks for letting me put thoughts down on paper.

(I know it says my name below, but it felt right to sign my name)


Life by Semester

So now what...

The semester has begun and after a 3 day weekend of reading, studying , and taking notes from books that look like they should be filling space in a lawyer's office, I have realized that I am as empty as my brain is full! I need another vacation. But there is something cool to check out: I have one SICK teacher! He's famous. He's rich, and he is a lawyer every fall in India busting those that deal with child slavery and child prostitution and mediating between foreign nations and Washington. Every spring he teaches here, down the street from his house. And he has us over to his house and on his boat for cram sessions and hangouts. He buys tons of food and calls us up. I want to go to India and free kids with him. This might be the reason that got tugged me to PLNU, I'm sure he didn't just bring me here for the sun, water and girls. Please pray that God would be showing me if this is where I should go with my life and open the doors if He wills. Anyways, I hope all is well . Here's a random pic from last summer- Spidey's naked. Oh, Spidey. Comment as you wish.


New E-mail

Day Camp

I know, I change contact info about as often as scout changes his...nevermind. but here it is, new e-mail. (Disclaimer: this is actually my address from when I was 14, hence its embarrassing nature).



back from new orleans

hello people, more like like hello spidey who is all over this page. i had such a great time seeing you guys at new years, and for those of you who weren't there you were missed suckers!!!! totally joking! anyways so i got back sunday morning and am still swallowing up everything that was there....but really i just wanted to ask for your while we were there we had the privilage of doing contruction and gutting out of houses and the pastor had a neighbor named cheryl and her brother who is a druggy dropped of his beautiful triplets on christmas day and never came back- lord willing he will nevr come back. their names are alex, alyssa, and alexis and they are 3 years old and they captured my heart and we had the honor of babysitting them for her that week so she could get stuff done...these kids have been though crap. everything form physical abused (they were locked in basements and not fed) to sexual abuse to the point where the girls have been completely sewn up because of the damage done to them, not only done, by their parents, but their effing grandparents and friends of their parents. loving them is pretty much all i wanted to do and was able to do, but being back here is killing me. please pray for their protection, for their hearts, cheryl is trying to get custody over them but it is a weris situation and at any time the parents could come back and take them back to all the crap. we are helping here here try to find a social worker, and doing what we can....but if you could just please pray, their aunt is a christian and she loves the Lordand wants to protect these kids. anyways......thanks for those of you who prayed for me....lark i owe you a call, sushi i owe you san fran...and disco i owe you a call as well.



I'm back in full force at school and my web capeabilities are at there maximum. So here is a little picture overview of the last month.

This is when I was staying at Dave Motts & Topher's place at the start of my break. We played with fire arms!

After a few days at Mott's and Toph's I headed up to Elk Grove to see some teacher I know. He's a cool guy I suppose, however I think I got the looks between us.

He gave me this postcard for winning the Day Camp spotter. Needless to say, I was a little proud.

After that I moved in with Leslie for awhile. I wanted to try the pseudo day camp mom thing. I also helped to fix up the house a bit. This is me fixing her shower head. She cried (happly), I can't really think of a time I felt so good seeing someone cry.

On my way to Phoenix to see my sisters and there kids (7 in all). Anyone know who I am in this picture?

This is Logan (5 yrs) not that I have favorates but......

And this is Parker. Yes, I named him. And yes, I did so after my camp name. He makes girls think short guys that throw their food are cute.

Christmas morning at 5 AM! HOLY CRAP!!!! It's still dark outside!

It's offical, Tads on the blog....with me. Booya boys!

Getting ready to skate with a girl small in height but full on the hottness.

Drinking saki with my very best friend in the world Chris. This was a good way to round out the break I thought.

I did other fun things (cigars?). However I didn't have my camiara with me all the time. But I just wanted you guys to know whats up with my life.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, & Happy Spring Semester to you all,


A treat

Yeah, I'm gonna be 'that guy.'

It was incredibly fun to see you all for New Year's. Thanks for welcoming my girl. I am unable to express how much I value my camp friendships. You all mean a great deal to me.

I finished the "Up, Simba" essay. David Foster Wallace makes me want to quit school so I can devote my waking hours to reading everything he has written.