Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


I really missed Day Camp today.

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I had a couple of DC encounters** today and I got all sappy over the old Newton Memorial.

Gosh i miss you guys. Where is everyone on the map these days? I need a fix!


**Email from Muppet
**Looking at pictures
**Hearing about the engagement of the state and the hobbit.
**And hearing about Who's Dad. (Sorry man)


Blogger dana said...

thanks for the shoutout spidey...i like the way you put it.

and i'm in fresno---for the next few months...
p.s. i still have yet to meet laura!

7:12 PM

Blogger Dan said...

What up blood!!?!

3:43 PM

Blogger Spidey said...

I just got done unpacking like 48 hours ago. Now I have to play catch up with all the little things that I put off.

I would have loved to camp with you guys. But moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do. I want to come down just as soon as I've worked long enough to ask for time off.

10:48 AM


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