Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Okay here's something I have to know!

Awesome question came up in school today.

If you could date anyone from the Office other than Pam (for the guys) and Jim (for the girls), whom would you date? For me, Jan. And I'm guessing all the DC ladies will go for Packer all the way.

P.s. I don't know how much trouble this will get me into but I found Gator's myspace page.

Poor Gator only has Tom as a friend, Don't worry, i'll add you Mr. Meyer.


Chris Love Rocks Chapel!!!

Ok, I know I'm going to sound egocentric here. But I just hosted a chapel at my school and to say the least I ROCKED IT!! I hit on issues that needed to be hit on in an insightful way and was told right after by the campus pastor that I should frame my notes..

Afterward, I was told on three separate occasions that mine was the best chapel all year! Not semester mind you, YEAR! I am on fire today!!! Halla DCM Halla!!!

p.s. If you want to come see me walk (graduate) on the 3rd of May (that's a Saturday) it's at Bethel Church. I know Monty and Bro are going so if you want you can talk with them. Otherwise just drop a line here, my phone, or myspace/facebook/e-mail. A pizza party will follow in Scotts Valley if you want to go to that too.

Chris Love


still waiting for this moment... :)


don't you all agree???


Hey Everybody...

To day is Banjo's birthday!!!! send this crazy girl some lovin'!!!!


Come visit Spiff in Folsom!

Hey guys!

I've been thinking about how excited I am for those of you who will be gearing up for another Summer and those that will be added to the family. I would love to hear an update of how everybody is doing, and I don't care if it takes a lot of typing!

Here, I'll go first. Life has been on pins and needles as I prepare to start paying the 100k that Kel and I owe in loans (She'll be back at Pondy this Summer FYI). I haven’t known where I’ll go and what I’ll do. Let me back up.

I came back to San Diego after Staff Banquet with one semester left at PLNU. I killed it, but I couldn’t find an internship with anybody, until Merrill Lynch got curious. I ended up working for the two most profitable Financial Advisors in San Diego. It was more pressure than I’m used to. I was like the Devil wears Prada. Long story short, they offered me a job when I graduated and I investigated the offer ($$$) but prayed about it and turned it down. I was bummed to say no to such a crazy opportunity.

After all that, I decided to go back to my school to say ‘thank you’ to the professor that had tipped Merrill Lynch to me. He wanted me to meet a guy he thought I would get along with, which happened to be a money manager for Merrill Lynch. He ‘grows’ the money for the very same FA’s I worked for at ML and then sends it back to ML. He tests out at genius level and he is a corky Christian like Bob Russell. Anyways, he flew me and Kelly up to Folsom where he does business. After meeting the other three guys in the office and meeting his wife, we prayed and parted ways. He loved us and called me this past week and gave me a job working with him.

It’s my dream job. It’s finance but from a Christian perspective. I can’t wait. The guys and their families are just about 5 years older than me and they all live on the same street and hang out and lead Bible studies together and BBQ with their little kids. It’s cute, but they’re managing over 300 million between them, so part of my job will be finding where to give back to the community.

I am ecstatic. Kelly wanted to live in the Sacramento area, and here we are figuring out living situations in the nice part of Sac and with an employer that cares more about Kelly’s well-being than anyone I’ve ever met. All in all, it has been a tough year but God is blessing us more than we can handle right now, and all we can do is tell others how good He is. There’s much more, having to do with our faith and all that stuff, if you have any questions, call me or Kel. We’d love to talk and catch up! I miss all of you, my brothers and sisters.

P.S. The Wallen kids are coming down next weekend to hang out with Kel and I! Whoo-hoo!