Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


ok fine, i guess its time for a little introduction...

alright, so as some of you may know... i managed to land myself a decent guy. his name is danny white, and we've been friends since high school, we've worked together on junior high staff at my church together for a year and 1/2, and now we've been dating for about 2 1/2 months. and i really really like him.

now, i know its kind of a big deal to "let" someone into the dc family, so you'll be glad to hear i put him through some rigorous aptitude tests to see if maybe he could stick around... bear with me a minute:

1) he works at an adventure club mon-fri mornings, with kids from grades 1-6.

2) i asked him to make me some beaded jewelry at his adventure club thing, and he came back with this bracelet that had a clasp made of lanyard around a bead, and the bracelet contained a lot of beads(45ish) in a pattern that had beads ascending to descending from like 1 to 4 or something. so i took back the fricking beaded jewelry i had made him over summer.

3) my mom (who fish has cussed out), was in on this whole, "lets test his dc skills" thing asked him to make her a lanyard. so this kid comes back with a cross... now, i know there were some pretty talented lanyard makers out there, but i don't recall seeing a cross... and well, lets be honest, my lanyard skills are lacking, to say the least... so i couldn't really say much.

alright, so the reason i am even writing this is to give you a little heads up... right now we are in southern california visiting friends and family and hitting up a little bit of disneyland before we head up the coast to the DC REUNION at the mount.

so i guess what i'm saying is BE NICE. i've said great things about you all, and i guess it would be cool, if you know, you could like, ummmm, live up to it... :)


On Three

Please join with me in singing Happy Birthday to our friend Scout.

Happy Birthday...


Is it TRUE?!

I really should've been doing one of twenty dozen other things right now instead of making sure MySpace still sucks, but I just clicked on Frodo's link and MySpace gave me the following message, a message that sent joyous flutters throughout my stomach and a paroxysm of pleasure throughout my pancreas:

This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted. [sic]

Is it true? Is it TRUE?! Has Frodo been saved? Have the benevolent forces of good grammar and web page usability won a convert back to their fold? Say it's so, Frodo. Say it's so. Angels in heaven are rejoicing as I type.



  1. People whose MySpaces are partially unreadable: DeeDee, Snaps
  2. People whose MySpaces aren't even a little bit readable: Montana
  3. People who think they should be allowed to hijack my computer's speaker, drowning out my soundtrack to In The Mix with whatever no-bit-rate song they think sounds "kewl": Hula, Montana, Jayber
  4. People who do [3] one worse by forcing video on me: Spidey
  5. Person with the most friends: Snaps, 307, with about three times as many as her nearest competitor
  6. Person who really oughtta get a life: Me. (Bet you thought I was gonna say Snaps, huh? Nope. I'd hate to tangle with her and her 307 internet superfriends.)


Happy Birthday, Santa!

And Merry Christmas, Day Camp!


1 down, 3 (4?) to go.

As of today, I'm finished with my first semester at a university. With relatively adequate grades (projected, of course; they make us bite our nails for another month before the goods are unveiled) and all that I guess I can call it a success?

Just thought I'd let you all know, seeing as it's perty quiet 'round these here parts.



Hey there, just wanted to let you know I'm back in the USA....and I thought you'd enjoy this celebration of my americaness

somebody please

post. i would. but i just don't have anything to say. wait. i thought of something. who is going to new years in santa cruz?

please respond.
yours truly.


These are some new friends of mine, I thought you all would want to meet them, just hope that you guys approve!

The Cheesy Christmas Sweater Party, which i won by the way and I made that sweater myself!

THis was my crazy pink hair that i had for over 2 weeks but I was supposed to be a paintbrush!

Okay, as crazy as this sounds, i actually made this dress and wanted to show it off!

80's party anyone?


Hey Guys, I'm moving out of the dorm in like 30mins. So this means my computer hypernates. If you really want to reach me, via phone would be your best bet as internet stuff will take much longer.

See you New Years,


DC Spotter #4

Someone beat Hula to this one, okay?

There are only five more postcards left in my limited edition "Things That One Day Will Be Poo" series so get to guessin'.

a) Which two counselors are featured in this photo?


[Update: Thanks go to Spidey alone for trying to keep me from flatlining at work today. Boring.]

(10 of 10 posted at 3:31PM)

Past Winners
DC Spotter #4 - Spidey
DC Spotter #3 - Hula
DC Spotter #2 - Who
DC Spotter #1 - Hula


So...this is what I've settled for

Isn't SHE lovely! Our relationship is GREAT. You wouldn't believe how much we have in common. Plus, we're on one of those new partner cell phone plans where we get unlimited minutes and everything. We go for long walks in the pasture, milk and cookies are cheap, and you throw a pearl necklace on her and she looks like she's ready for prom. We NEVER get in fights and everybody says we look cute together. Extra squirt of cream in my mocha, NO PROBLEM. She's nice, though. Everywhere we go people say I got the better deal. Imagine that, her self esteem goes through the roof. Find her in a crowd? EASY. Whether I use my eyes or my ears, or my nose, I always know where SHE is. As soon as I get the new trailer attachment to my Honda, we'll be set to go WHEREVER we want. Unfortunately she doesn't like the leather interior, but every relationship has to have at least ONE problem.

Off topic...

It seems that Fish is taking us a little off topic here. We must find a real, viable answer here. How are we going to get Frodo to New Years?

…and the postcard guessing contest winner is…

FRODO! Congratulations Frodo! I received Gator’s postcard yesterday (Mon., 12/5) at 5:30pm. It’s a pretty great feeling to be able to put some trust back into the post office for rightfully delivering the snazzy limited edition postcard to my door. Frodo, as promised, your postcard prize will be in the mail shortly. Honorable mention for second place goes to Snaps.

Image Title: Postcard at beach.
(My school, UCSB, is seen on the cliffs in the distance.)


I finally got my scrapbook done. I'm so excited that it turned out so good. I think I'll leave it in Day Camp this next summer so people can indulge their nostalgia.


lark's life

school is drawing to a close and i'm hoping that i'll pass my classes- yeah i can't believe i'm having issues in my geography 101 class and my 200 level spanish- never leave core requirements to the end! it's been snowing up here for about a week so beautiful! although, now the rain has returned and it's all melting away!

tomorrow my mom officially becomes mayor of concord- i called home today, she's so cute- truly pumped and well it's kinda weird.


I was just thinking...

With my mind on facial hair as of late I was wondering. What would Gator look like with a goat.

Well, now I know. I think you look good Gator. You should give it a shot.