Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


New Years Extravaganza [The Last Update]

Alright, it's on. Many thanks to those who filled out le questionnaire in advance. Those who didn't will hopefully toss one in the mix when they get here.

If you're a boy, you're showing up the 28th (tomorrow) sometime late afternoon.

If you're a girl, or a boy who couldn't hang out on the 28th, you're showing up on the 30th sometime late afternoon.

Whether you're a girl or a boy, you're gonna want to find 3 Glen Alpine Rd. You might could look it up on the Internet but a better idea is to drive down Conference Drive past Day Camp, past Pine, past anywhere you thought might've been civilization, and then stop just before you crash.

Park on Conference. Look out to your left for the red two-story. If my silver Honda's outside, that's where it's at. You'll go down some steps. Go past the top-story. Dude who lives there is mean. Bottom story is the party.

Sleeping bag, smiles, and spending money. Check.

Knives, drugs, iPods, cell phones, two-piece bathing suits. Check 'em at the door.

Can't wait to see you guys!


Stuck? Call Rudy: 661.809.1908.


Just In

The past three-weeks has been crazy for me. I finished my thesis paper turned it in and then slept for a day. The next day I finally graduated from Azusa Pacific. Worked everyday for 8 to 10 hours selling snowboards to little crappy rich kids until Christmas Eve. Drove home to spend Christmas in San Francisco with my Aunt and grandmother. Now I am back home in Hanford waiting for my brother to get here so my family can open gifts. With all this said I wanted to let you all know Kristin and I will be spending new years with our brothers and sisters in Mt. Hermon. We will be driving up on the morning of the 31st. Its going to be great to see everyone!

Gator- do you need me to write you that info or am I going to miss it?


Slideshow is almost done!

Who's excited?

RSVP'd [Updated]

[5 submitted, 18 to go.]

Alright, ain't no denying there's a pretty phenomenal crowd about to reclaim Mount Hermon in about a week. The Party Planning Committee recognizes a need to get everybody reacquainted and, in some cases, just acquainted.

So, we've come up with the Icebreaker For People Who Hate Icebreakers. At some point in the next few days, send me your concise response (100 words or less) to the following question:

1. What Have You Learned?

Don't ask for elaboration because the PPC is stingy with details. Keep it ambiguous. Don't give yourself away. Most of you can see where this will go. Also, in the same e-mail, tell us:

2. Five Little Known Facts About You

Send 'em as soon as possible to dan [at] cineme [dot] net.


I know it's fun to keep your options open or to be that elusive last-minute guest, but especially for the Bacchanalia, I need to know how many party hats to buy. So if I missed your "I'm coming" comment, drop one here. Party on.

New Year's Extravaganza


Boy's Bacchanalia



Plans for the M.A.

Well, this is a selfish update...but I am actually pretty amped so deal with it. I just got my acceptance letter to Wheaton College Grad School, where I will be working on an M.A. in Systematic and Historical Theology. That's right, if any of you ever need a place to hang in the Chicago area between September 2007 and December 2008, my place will be open.

Oh...and I am jealous as hell that I can't go to New Year's. Knock a few back for me.


i saw frodo awhile go, he came to my desk it was a special moment...on american thanksgiving- it reminded me that i was embarking on a fifth thanksgiving away from family. the students are all in super study mode while i sit at my desk and watch them all leave for christmas- it makes me want to bang my head on my desk and just go home! soon enough, i tell myself soon enough. and it's too late and i'm too tired to spell check this- see you soon!


you're all BORING.

lets go. updates. pronto. i KNOW you ALL have some intresting bit to contribute to this blog. Ideas: how finals are going, moving situations, roommate situations, an awkward moment... really... anything. let's hear it. ;)


Prayer request

Mom is in the hospital with a temp. of 103 deg. My sister is in Arizona and is freaking out. My Aunt is no where to be found, and it's dead week. I'll be running on fumes by morning.

Things to pray for:

>That I can handle this and finals.
>Mom recovers with no permanate damage.
>My Aunt will call one of us back my morning.
>I can get some desent amount of sleep this week.



Send Pic por favor

I need everyone to send me about 5 of there favorite pictures from day camp.

>You can send pics not taken during the summer, but they must only contain day camp alum or "honorary members" ie. Chris Morris, Sushi, Gator's Mom, ect.

>Feel free to send as many pics as you want, but realize that some may be cut if I have too much of the same stuff.

>Black mail pics such as this:

Are great to send.

>Pray I can get this done by New Years.



It's official

I just wanted everyone to know that I'm coming to California for all of these events. I'll be there from the 27th to the 3rd. If you are around the area you better be there so I can see you. Holla at your boy!


New Years Extravaganza 2006!

Everyone's invited!

3 Glenalpine Road
(down Conference Dr. from Day Camp)

2006 December 30

$20.00 gets all your food

In the comments, or
By e-mail to dan [at] cineme [dot] net, or
By phone to 530.902.8445

Rudy's holding her breath 'til you say you'll come.


Boys Bacchanalia 2006!

Everyone's invited! If you're a boy!

3 Glenalpine Road
(Gator's Villa)

2006 December 28

Guys know. Guys know.