Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Send Pic por favor

I need everyone to send me about 5 of there favorite pictures from day camp.

>You can send pics not taken during the summer, but they must only contain day camp alum or "honorary members" ie. Chris Morris, Sushi, Gator's Mom, ect.

>Feel free to send as many pics as you want, but realize that some may be cut if I have too much of the same stuff.

>Black mail pics such as this:

Are great to send.

>Pray I can get this done by New Years.


Blogger Shannon said...

Sadly, I will not be there, but I will send a few pictures. As long as you can tell me what you did with them after New Years.

8:50 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

I'm making a slideshow for daycamp. I'm hoping to do years (around) 2001- current (depends on how many pics I get from last summer).

11:21 AM

Blogger Tuesday said...

I LOVE that Spidey is the only person in the world that has a bad picture of me, and he just loves to take any opportunity to post it. Thanksalot.

11:46 AM

Blogger Christopher said...


12:02 PM

Blogger Shannon said...

I will gladly send what I can. Not only because it is a good idea, but because you are just a darn nice guy.

12:49 PM

Blogger Jonathan said...

where do I send the pictures?

1:38 PM

Blogger rudy said...

hey shannon, with your permission can i send the one of you flying the kite? heheheh

1:43 PM

Blogger Shannon said...

I have no idea what you are talking about.

*in a whispered tone* you show that to anyone and I break out the old white house pictures.

1:51 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Nessa- You'd better!

Sham- Thanks. I think your great too.

3:29 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Shammon sent some in. Who's next/awesome?

1:05 AM

Blogger rudy said...

can you give me a little more time, a couple of days, i kinda have a lot on plate these days. but ill send some in.

and the kite pocture is safe shannon...i just wanted a response hehehehe...if only you all could see this picture...

12:17 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

k booty. I need 02 and 06 stuff if anyone got's it.

Thanks to Dana for 06 stuff

Thanks for prayers,


10:13 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

01 stuff would be grand as well..

10:14 PM

Blogger Muppet said...

Ding Fries are Duuuuuhhhn! I love shannon.

12:43 AM


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