Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Who's ready for the wedding?

I don't know about you but I can't wait until Saturday fro two reasons....1) Chilly is getting married and 2) Getting to see all of yoU!


In Bob's office

The level of meticulous attention to detail not only by old staff but new one’s alike is beyond words. I think that Gator put it best when he said that this is like a mid-summer crew that is in-sync with the program.

Bob is here so I asked him to say a few inspirational words.

Spidey has a gun to my head and has ordered me to say something “inspirational.” It is very hard to think of something inspirational to write when a gun is being pushed into your cranium. So I trust that what I’m about to write will inspire you. Eat your vegetables. And don’t forget to floss.

This is Spidey again,

It’s amazing how so many people will go outside their comfort zones with a 45 pointed at them.

Take care,





i lost lark's phone #. i need it. i miss my larky.


Gator's Guide to New (and Newish) Counselors

Pictures and a few superficial descriptors. After only a few days of experience with most new staffers, I don't really have any qualification for this. Posted for Fisher's benefit, mostly.

Aspen: 20 years old, dancer from Elko, NV, who attends a school in Colorado. Nice girl.

Bro: Taking his last final exam today, will graduate from San Lorenzo Valley high school on Friday, exhibits the easygoing attitude and good humor towards working for MH that only comes from having lived here his entire life.

Daff: One of, like, ninety staffers from Washington this summer. Funny guy, good for liftin' heavy stuff, fits in real well with a group of guys that basically all knew each other already.

Deedee: at 23, tied with me for the Member Of Day Camp Staff Who Probably Oughtta Find An Adult Job Sometime Soon (no disrespect for Deedee, for whom day camp is a great extension of her elementary school aiding job during the year; my own insecurities peeking through there), teaches in Redding, CA, which makes her the only one of us who really knows what it means to live in NorCal.

Hula: UC Santa Barbara student, don't know much about what she does in the off season; just a really, really agreeable person whose quirk of batting her eyes at anyone she speaks to simultaneously adorable and completely off-putting.

Indy: New-ish counselor who, along with Montana, form the cabal of Day Campers most likely to take everything over in a bloody coup; everytime I see them talking I sweat.

Jav: goes by Michael K. around these parts, not much need to elaborate on this boy-o, except to say that I'm extremely interested to see if dials back his ascerbic wit at all with the little kids

Jayber: dating Jav, enhances the indie appeal of Day Camp, the Day Camp member most likely to feature prominently on the pages of Cargo magazine next to an article on proper hair care.

Snaps: who has worked here in the past, who -- darn her -- now has three total names (along with real-name, Ali, and rejected camp name, Squirrelly) who I'll probably never get right ever.

Gonna be a good summer, from the looks of things. I'm in Davis right now, about to make things official.



1 down.... 3 to go

I am coming friends.... Just knocked the crap out of the first final. 3 more days, 3 more finals.... then freedom!



This...*ahem*...will be my last post for a little while.


Happy Birthday G8R


I just figured it out...

There really is a brand new way that I should have been doing school all along. Granted I'm not sure if you learn quite as much... but online class - it is the wave of the lazy. NO joke. I decided I needed an online history class. I just spent 2 hours reviewing the 5 chapters that were assigned (this is for 1 of the 3 quizzes - - this quiz is roughly the equivalent of a third of a normal history class) - - - i bought the study guide for the text book... i didn't even read anything in the 5 chapters. Online quiz - - 55 minutes - - - open book, and here are a sampling of two of the easiest questions.

Question 14: (1 point)

Among industrial workers in the United States during the late nineteenth century, blacks occupied the bottom of the job hierarchy. A hierarchy is a

a. healthy working environment.
b. grouping of workers according to their intelligence.
c. group of people involved in the same occupation.
d. classification into ranks.

Question 24: (1 point)

Social reformers in late nineteenth-century America considered the laissez faire philosophy advocated by the Social Darwinists to be both wasteful and inhumane. Laissez faire means

a. government regulation of economic activities.
b. redistribution of wealth through a welfare program.
c. an economic life free of government intervention.
d. opposition to monopoly.

If you think you or a rock you know could pass this class I would reccomend it. Granted other questions were much more difficult considering I did none of the work and the quiz is graded on a curve and I got an A anyways......... Good times for the stressed one over here with a huge research paper due tomorrow. Goodnight all.



I went bungee jumping yesterday

For all of us that have wanted to press her for being afraid of things, Bruin jumped off a bridge yesterday. I know because I saw her do it, and I had already finished. What a trip. I would highly recommend it for the thrill-seeking individual or someone (like Bruin) who wants to show that she can do whatever she wants even if she is scared. Good bonding time (and a fun day long date with my gf Jenny Hall). Bye all.


houses, apartments, studios, and the ilk

Well, none of the above actually. So here's where I'll be living next semester. It's not exactly as planned - living in a studio apartment by myself and then moving in with my brother when he gets back from London (!) around Christmas - but it'll do, pig. Seems like a really good place - internet, kitchen, bathroom, electricity - you know, the general amenities I've come to rely upon. I'll be living with a cat named Daniel in one of the "Heritage Apartments." He's one-upped my MH spell by going on a mission trip (that he apparently coordinated) to Iraq this summer and doing something surgical (once again, apparently he's gonna' be a doctor or something.) Moreover, he's a community leader at Westminster (whatever that means - I'm not entirely sure I haven't joined a cult) and the son of a pastor in Menlo Park. I haven't actually met Daniel, so this knowledge is all secondhand from the glowing housing lady person who might just have a jr. high sized crush on Monsieur Daniel. Anyway, I just thought I'd share because I've never done this type of housing thing before. In Santa Barbara, I lived in a house that I rented (with some friends) from my home church (Oakland FCC, West Side foolz) small group leader. Then I moved to Petaluma and lived with Meredith's family. Now, finally, I'm dunked in completely unfamiliar waters (ok, not completely. I did grow up right around Berkeley.) But this will be interesting, so pray for me I guess. I'm nervous about change in general - driving to a new place knocks the piss out of me for fear of not finding parking - so a change like this (and being w/o a motorized vehicle, but at least I don't have to worry about parking) is obliterating my nerves. Not to mention (ok, to mention) the labrynthine bureaucracy of the UC system and my homeschool level skills in dealing with any type of social/corporate milieu. (Funny story - and, I promise, quick - when in first grade I went to MH and, naturally, day camp. Not entirely understanding (ok, not understanding at all) what it meant when campers were being divided by grade, I got into the first line I saw. It so happened to be the third/fourth grade line. So when I finally understood what was going on - and why all kids standing around me were a good deal taller - I still remained in that line. This nervousness/timory has kind of sat with me ever since. It's like, to return to my nervous parking/driving habits, taking a spot you know is three blocks away out of fear of not finding one closer, having to turn back around, and then getting stuck in a square of one way streets, missing your movie/concert/date entirely. It's sad, I know.)

And Gator, jealous much: I'll be living about 500 feet from the Pacific Film Archive. $4 a show for Cal students.

I'm dying here....

I honestly can't remember having spent this much time writing on so many consequtive days. My brain feels dead. I am just biding my time until it is all over and I can spend my time with all of you. Hey G8R - if we can't slip and slide on the field... can we do it in the parking lot... i am game. It will be "who is the toughest" version of slip and slide. Screw abrasions - - I'm in.

Just checking in on this form of life-support. Don't stop responding because otherwise I have no fun means of distraction while I am on my computer.

R.I.P. Slip 'n' Slide

Hey team, so odds are now classified as "really good" that we won't be able to use the slip 'n' slide on the field this summer. Not to take this super happy fun club down the path of work-related matters, but does anyone have any suggestions for possible alternatives?