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I went bungee jumping yesterday

For all of us that have wanted to press her for being afraid of things, Bruin jumped off a bridge yesterday. I know because I saw her do it, and I had already finished. What a trip. I would highly recommend it for the thrill-seeking individual or someone (like Bruin) who wants to show that she can do whatever she wants even if she is scared. Good bonding time (and a fun day long date with my gf Jenny Hall). Bye all.


Blogger Lark said...

WOW I'm impressed!

3:42 PM

Blogger Bruin said...

I wish I could post pictures. Just imagine Fish screaming like a girl (that's his excited scream not a scarred scream) flying face-first into a boulderous abyss. And then there was me clutching the edge, tears in eyes. It was definitely an awesome experience. Although never to be repeated.

4:12 PM


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