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Hey Mr. Meyer, I heard you were in a rap video.

Gator teaches - you all know that - and by all accounts he's pretty good at it too. What he's just as good at - and what a smaller percentage of us know - is writing about his job. Gator has a blog - link in the sidebar, but also right here - where he does all kinds of education & design related things. You can get a far clearer picture of what it's about by reading it than I can paint telling you about it. What you won't get out of simply reading his blog, and what Gator is either a) too modest to tell you about or b) too busy designing a massive graphic blog post to more effectively tell you about (if the latter's the case, sorry boy-o), is that he's nominated for some pretty nifty awards.

The edublog awards are to the edublogosphere (duh) what the Oscars are to Hollywood. And Gator has a real shot at winning a couple of them. So what you should do, and what you should tell your friends to do, is this: go vote dy/dan for Best New Edublog and Best Individual Edublog. Retardedly, Gator didn't make final cut for "Best Educational Use of Video/Visual." Even if you're not a regular reader of dy/dan, know that Gator's pretty much the smartest, most interesting, and most dedicated teacher in the edublogosphere and that he definitely deserves our support.

I don't know what I'll do to myself if Don's Learning Log wins this thing.


Blogger Fisher-man said...

Good work, homeboy. I went and voted.

A slight correction from Mike's post. Gator's blog is here

8:23 AM

Blogger Michael K. said...

good catch. fixed in og post.

8:55 AM

Blogger Dan said...

Oh man I forgot to ask here. Good catch, Jav. I'm posting another, more obnoxious, graphic-heavier post a little later 'cause I'm getting thumped in both categories.

9:41 AM

Blogger Nova said...

i voted for you mr. meyers

10:13 PM

Blogger alexandra said...

i voted too! oh, and p.s. seriously, you do a great job with that blog... how cool. i hope you win! (how fun is that?)

10:19 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

I honestly sat down at 8 different school computers today and voted for your blog.

11:04 PM

Blogger rudy said...


im not telling for who though.

10:09 AM

Blogger Race said...

i voted (for you) and also sent your blog link to a fellow santa cruz teacher. she's stoked about guessing tiger woods' age :)

9:32 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

I totally love your site and use many many things ... all the time. if any of you start teaching math, word of advice, read it every day and steal all his ideas. Its working for me!

I even used it as an "internet resource" for my credential class.

I'll go vote.

(and i have your math is awesome vader poster hanging on my wall.)

10:01 PM

Blogger Melinda said...

I voted...and just so you know that spotlight4...not that good of a blog...

I think I will have to visit different computers at work too!

12:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i voted. yay gator!

1:18 PM


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