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New "friend"

I met this "Girl" at "Costco" and she needs a name. I have an idea for a name, but I want to see if anyone has a better one.

(And no DC girls should think it's cute to use there own names, .....unless your Smalls.)


Blogger Christopher said...


4:21 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

no, FU!

dang it spidey.. whats wrong with my name!

4:26 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

How about Sheen? Sounds like a car wax. Is she for real? How about Glimmer like a sun ray? What about Race? She just visited me yesterday and she doesn't mind.

7:57 AM

Blogger Race said...

uuuuuh, thanks spiff? (glad i could help you out in the box) good to be on the blog!! thanks for the invite! spidey, what about the obvious, mary jane?

9:02 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

First off FU is (F)lickr (U)pdate.

And second...ewww, I'm not naming it Alisa.

come on guys you can do better than that!


4:31 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Her name is Lexy!


5:44 PM

Blogger alexandra said...

lexy???? hmmm that was my nickname growing up... awkward!!!

2:07 PM

Blogger rudy said...

i don't know what is more awkward the fact that spidey named his pillow after snaps as a child or the way spidey is snuggling with his body pillow.....snuggle, i like that word.

2:04 PM


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