Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


for those of you who missed a spicy (probably a word that i should have not used but i am sticking with it, so there.) weekend full of hispanics....
here is what you missed. in the pictures you will notice a couple of things: mexicans, a belly, a gringo, and blood. we kind of had a little mishap with one of our fill-in counselors who happens to be one of my ex-high schoolers from home, his name was Hammer (i meant to say and is Hammer- he didn't die or anything like that), he thought it would be fun to longboard on dirt and rocks to victory circle and ate it....this is after critter cleaned him up a little. i am not going to lie, it was gross, shaggs almost threw up when they were trying to clean out his mouth, but it was hilarious watching the process it went into helping him with our first aid crap and shaggs ended up having to take him to san jose to get stiches....and counselor skit consisted of 5 counselors with Critter out in the crowd....that was until Gator came and saved us....but that meant it was just like old times and we were in every skit. so well i hope you all had a superb weekend, you were greatly missed, i can't tell you enough....and for those of you who participated in gator and my owe us cash fast, you need a loan with low interest we can take care of that for you too, we are all about making our own businesses....and thank you for your cooperation. LOVE YOU GUYS and tell me about your weekend........

and to spidey...i am going to kill you for that rumor you started.....everyone knows i don't go for the type of guys who tuck their shirts in.


Blogger Chilly said...

ghehee funny stuff nessa... hey my fav part of that group shot is the mad mexi withthe white hoodie around her neck. hilarious!

ps - rumors... oh do tell!
my weekend was a whole lotta nothing. SOrry couldn't be there... but i can't ruin my streak of never doing mexi week can i?

7:51 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Sweet Jeebus - can we get a "no gross bloody pictures rule" put in effect on the 'blog, hm?

8:41 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

With your face all squeezed in you kinda look like...dare I say it...Johnny Depp. Click on the pic and see if you agree with me!

10:10 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

I don't know what the help rudy is talking about. She's a liar!

10:15 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

I also think Gator and/or Muppet may be to blame.

eh? eh? eh? *I hate you Meyer.

10:17 AM

Blogger Gator said...

Anytime anyone links Rudy and Spidey romantically, I'll be there to fan the flames. Good luck, you two.

And P.S. How come no one told me how fun skits are?! Maybe it was just being in front of mi gente, but I guest-starred in four skits that night, which is more stage time than I logged in my last two summers combined.

I think I've found a calling.

11:31 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Help me out here Booty.

12:03 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

gator. i keep seeing that photo of you're mexi kids from a few summers ago... you and you gente... it just makes me laugh. seee... skits are fun!

(spiff - totally agree.. there is a bit of jack sparrow in there)

3:25 PM

Blogger Shannon said...

Aaahhh. Hispanic Family Camp. There are no words.

*except for the curse words that go through my head whenever I think about it.

5:43 PM

Blogger Gator said...

Usually I'd be swearing alongside you, Shannon, but Day Camp did such a good job keeping the kids subdued this year. I dunno. Maybe Hammer's face scared them into submission.

6:03 PM

Blogger rudy said...

no help for you spidey. your too blame.

and night i add in that gator got one of the children to swear during songs when he acccidently let bella run in....she was terrified of him after the raisins skit....which gator deserves an award for being the scariest spoon and had me wishing i wasn't in the skit (thats the first for me).

1:14 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

yes, i've been hearing stories from everywhere about this spoon skit. No one had a video camera? camera phone? sad day.

11:04 AM

Blogger Nova said...

kind of off the topic but i am going to have to second that "no gross bloody pictures" rule...its a good one, b/c that is just nasty

12:38 PM

Blogger rudy said...

okay no more bloody pictures....great reaction from you guys hahahaha.

as for the skit you heard about the only one who could have filmed it was gator and well....he was the spoon....and im sure everything you have heard is true, my plan backfired and instead of the spoon eating the raisin....gator ate rudy and bella.

3:06 PM

Blogger montana said...

Hahaha...I love that Bella was in Raisins!

2:54 PM


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