Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Family Camp III

So I basically ignored all the suggestions from last week's feature. Keep 'em coming!

This week's highlights:
  • Chilly, embarrassed of herself on camera. Like old times.
  • Tad, in the background of the same shot just for Spidey's sake.
  • Nova, on the Megaphone Malfunction free time rotation.
  • Bro, on the Cruel & Unusual Punishment free time rotation.
  • Creach, at its same great time but new location.
  • Frodo, undergoing elective dermabrasion by a qualified plastic surgeon. ("genTLE!!" Ha ha ha.)
  • The resurrection of Gauntlet, a segment of the video that should never, under any circumstances, find its way into the hands of a parent or officer of Child Protective Services. Maverick does what he wants.
  • Dash, not even trying.
  • Frodo, stealing the dirtiest counselor award from Fiesta.


Blogger Spiffer said...

Current DC Allstars: cut and paste this link for sweet jump rope rhymes:

4:40 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Thanks Gator! Ahhhhh....Tad

5:17 PM

Blogger Christopher said...


11:50 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

Bro. Cruel & Unusual. Fantastic.

10:10 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

Jav- are you talking about the FU a.k.a. (F)lickr (U)pdate?

Everyone-Sorry, I tried to get the DVD on YouTube. It didn't take cause the file was too large by about 28 mb.

Gator-Where do you go for your southpark episodes on your computer?

9:42 AM


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