Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Just wanted to drop a line and say how great it was seeing all of you who were able to come to the wedding today. I am gonna try to get down to the herm in a couple weeks when I have a day off. I'll keep everyone update, I have a busy week of moving and work ahead of me, but I'm really hoping some scheduling works out and I can make it down there soon. Hope everyone made it back alright.
-Sushi (matt)


Blogger Spiffer said...

Thanks, Sush. It was good to see you didn't cry. I really miss your K&N filter cleaner right now!

8:19 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

If you get down here this week sushi, I'm at camp - make it happen. It was good to see you

1:46 PM


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