Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


I leave for Rhode Island today...

I'm making a 3 straight day intensive drive across the U.S. starting in about an hour. I'm shipping out to go work on the Senate campaign in Rhode Island, and it's going to be quite an experience. Please keep me in your prayers, and I will make sure to give you all a more detailed update as life progresses. Much love.

The name of the guy I'm working for is Sheldon Whitehouse. I'm going to go help try and make him a Senator. God help me.


Blogger Christopher said...

You will be missed Fisher. Don't grow too hard on that East Coast. Take care.


4:33 PM

Blogger Gator said...

Let's all pray you don't do for him what you did for Steve Westly.

Ha ha jk good luck buddy.

4:56 PM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Go get 'em, kid. Just don't go pushing papers and sticking your tail between your legs. Go as the "I do what I want" man we all know. Show 'em what Fisher really means.

8:14 AM

Blogger alexandra said...

good for you fisher.

keep us updated. :)

12:42 AM

Blogger hula said...

congrats on the job! sounds like a great opportunity. whitehouse is a fortunate guy to have you on his team.

5:02 PM

Blogger Bruin said...

If he wins, does that mean you will stay in Rhode Island to work for him? Because I want to know what I'm praying for. Meaning, I want to see you back in November.

11:16 PM


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