Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


there is something i thought you all should see

my roomates and i did a promo-video for a church trip to mammoth. it is based off of a movie that many have liked, and it was recently posted on the internet. if you would like to see is the link. (wait till the end.... the embarassment is immense)

copy-paste your way to laughing at fish


Blogger rudy said...

fish i was kind of hoping that i could have you come to my birthday part in a couple of weeks and jump out of my birthday cake with that shirt and those pants (oh those glorious pants) and show us your moves.

oh and by the way, the new ronald mcdonald try-outs start next week...what do you say?

5:32 PM

Blogger smallsie said...

there are no words. just laughter. i am laughing as i type this..right now. ha. ha. ha. seriously, you, in those pants, dancing, all i can say is i would have paid a good amount of money to be there in the flesh. the image will stay with me forever. i especially like how you combined cartmen and napolean made it more dramatic.

7:07 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

dude, I've tried like 5 times and the website won't pop up. Maybe it's just me, but I wanna see the pants too.

8:33 AM

Blogger Lark said...

i had to watch it with no sound in the computer lab at school and was still laughing so hard- people were looking at me...i can't wait till i can go home and watch it with sound!

3:20 PM


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