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sushi has a secret admirer....

and, no, it's not me...! haha...

a couple weeks ago, i went to get my hair done in petaluma, by a really great guy named scott, as seen in this picture.

let's just say it was already weird because, if you weren't aware, michael, meredith, matthew, and mer's best friend miriam (pixie) all modeled for this hair place... hence, portraits all over the place. so here's the one of matt. in the BATHROOM. i walk into the bathroom, and holy hell, there's a freaking shrine to matt. within prime vision from the toilet seat. so, i walk in with the audible words, "whoa there..." i'm telling you, it's a freaking SHRINE.

so, scott's like, "yeah, don't you just think he is soooooo hot?" [in a very sing-song and dreamy voice] "...i just think he is soooo hot... i look at this picture every day!"

so, i am able to manage something like, "...uh yeah, he's my friend, actually..."

wherein, i received a "OMG! tell me alllllll about him!"

yeah. interesting.

but funny enough to take pictures and share it with you.

hope you enjoy my awkwardly amazing moment as much as i did.

don't worry, i put in a good word for you, matthew.



Blogger rudy said...

holy crap. this made my day. more like week. actually longer. hahahaha. what is with the rainbow of men that follow you around sushi? first your roomie and now this guy. that is so creepily funny.

11:59 AM

Blogger Riddler said...

Where can I get a copy of that pic for my john?

2:42 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

Wait... so your hairstylist is gay? Weird.

Wait... so michael and matthew have a hairstylist? Weirder.

10:49 PM

Blogger Matt said...

rudy..."rainbow of men"

10:38 PM

Blogger rudy said...

i try to wow you.

11:25 PM


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