Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


Scout by Spidey

  1. Happy birthday, Spidey.
  2. Hey any of you guys remember the third staff meeting of the summer back in '02 when Spidey yarked in front of everyone over the smell of potted meat? Oh man, who do I have to kill to make that one happen again? Fish? Oh man, I hope it's Fish.
Still Up For Votes:
  1. Chilly By Gator [2]
  2. Fish By Chilly
  3. Tuesday By Fish [3]
  4. Disco By Tuesday [1]
  5. Montana By Disco
  6. Snorts By Montana [3]
  7. Flip By Snorts [2]
  8. Lark By Flip [3]
  9. Bruin By Lark [1]
  10. Spidey By Bruin [1]
  11. Scout By Spidey [2]
  12. Rudy By Scout [3]
  13. Spiff By Rudy [-1]
  14. Who By Spiff [1]
  15. Crush By Who [1]
  16. Frodo By Crush [3]
  17. Gator By Frodo
  18. Gator By Gator [5]


Blogger Fisher-man said...

um.... i want to see the one of crusher and also the one of gator.

i wouldn't hold your breath.

11:51 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

Did Scout just give a Jim Halpert look at the camera? SCOUT YOUR A COMIC GENIUS!

he's doing them in order now fisher. don't get you hopes up.

4:26 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

I have to say that I think the change-up of the classic question was a good call by you Spidey-man. Creative questioning for sure... I wish I had been so interesting.

1:25 PM

Blogger Mr. Love said...

I don't remember that in 02'. What's potted meat?

1:13 AM


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