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DC Spotter #7

[Nice work, Rudy!]

A quick one. One guess per person. Second, third, fortieth guesses won't be honored. No prize excepting the glory.

Whose eye is this?

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DC Spotter #7 - Rudy
DC Spotter #6 - Snaps
DC Spotter #5 - Who
DC Spotter #4 - Spidey
DC Spotter #3 - Hula
DC Spotter #2 - Who
DC Spotter #1 - Hula


Blogger Fisher-man said...


And to think that I came on cause I have an exciting post, but I don't want to do the whole thunder-stealing thing. You'll all have to wait a little while to hear my incredible news - it's worthy of it's own post, so I won't tell here.

8:29 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Indy's eyes are brown Fish, COME ON!

9:10 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Final answer:


9:10 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

How do you know people's eye color, by the way. I think I know it now, but I already got my guess.

9:22 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

I think I'll just hang out here by myself on the blog all day while I'm at work. Just making phone calls to seniors and talking politics - I can check back every now and then. See you all in a little bit.

9:23 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Let me ask you Fish. Does my vote as someone under the age of 65 reeeally count?

9:25 AM

Blogger Shannon said...

Is that jav?

9:41 AM

Blogger rudy said...

im going out on a it scout?

oh and im at work too i'll hang out with you and wait for your exciting news....

9:57 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

I'm gonna say scout.

thank God for DC spotter

10:12 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

dang it rudy... if you're right.....

i knew i should have come here vefore i checked my mail, and my xanga.

10:13 AM

Blogger rudy said...

im not very good at these things chilly so don't worry......oh and im glad you enjoyed my bag of muffins.

oh and this whole eye thing kinda freaks me out gator.....

10:20 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

speaking of.... Gator... any updates, are none of us right?

In which case I'll say its disco.

10:35 AM

Blogger hula said...

i think the correct answer has already been mentioned, but i'll take a wild guess... is it who?

p.s. i can't wait to hear your exciting post, fish. :) the suspense is killing me.

10:47 AM

Blogger Daff said...

Scout for sure.

11:19 AM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

Since no one has said what I think - Meredith / Jayber. There I said it.

12:07 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

I bet they don't have DC Spotters on the other Day Camp blog - awards either.

12:31 PM

Blogger Gator said...

Rudy's right, it's Scout.

12:42 PM

Blogger rudy said...

I won!!!!!!! i kept telling myself, "rudy, your a winner no matter what, don't let anyone tell you differently!!" ahhhhhhh! how exciting. so gator, can we get round table pizza tonite for the office party.

1:02 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

dang it. i totally had that one!
congrats rudy. you're better then me. i envy you're quickness and you're possible roundtable dinner. eat a garlic twist for me.

fish -lets have your news!

1:07 PM

Blogger Gator said...

Oh what a good day. I didn't think it could get much better than Teacher Appreciation Day at Borders, but what fun reading all of your guesses and even more reading the miscellaneous news and trash-talking.

And let Chilly's failure be a lesson to all of us: check the day camp blog before e-mail and xanga. (But not before fantasy football. Priority, people.)

1:41 PM

Blogger Gator said...

And Fish, does contracting V.D. really deserve a post?

2:02 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

That's what you're going to say to me??? After how nice I've been to you?

2:12 PM

Blogger Gator said...

C'mon, Fisher. You should know by now that insults are my love language.

2:42 PM

Blogger Fisher-man said...

I do, I do.

3:03 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

good job rudy, your so wonderful!!!! i wish i could be just like you!!! love and kisses.

4:31 PM

Blogger Tuesday said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure I win too, since this picture was taken at my parent's house.

Thanks guys!

5:42 PM

Blogger Daff said...

Why don't I win? I knew it was Scout from the moment I saw that dreamy eye! It's not far that all of you have nothing better to do then check this thing 50 times a day! I need a announcement or something.

8:12 PM


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