Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.


out the window.

so, everything i thought i knew about the next two years is now... well... out the window.

due to some unforeseen circumstances, danny and i (and probably more than that) will not be at bayside much longer than summer. if we even make it that far.

life is crazy, working for a church is crazier. shouldn't this christian life be somewhat simple: love others, and share your love for jesus?

just pray a lot for bayside, because i'm scared of what might be in it's future. scary stuff happens when you think you're "Thee Almighty".

pray a lot for us, because we don't know where we're going to go, where home will be, or how we'll make enough money to afford a roof and running water.

if you could also pray for our staff, we'd really appreciate it. since monday, we've had sleepless nights, late into prayer, and really an exhaustive couple days that have felt like forever.


Blogger Christopher said...

Wow Snaps, that sucks! I hate it when churches pull this kind of crap. There looking for a new Young life head down here in Santa Cruz. I could pass on a good word if you want. Just let me know.

7:35 PM

Blogger Michael K. said...

That's awful, Ali (Ally? Allie? Alley? Whatevs.) On the upside, you got some sweet writing chops on display at your blog. Nice.

7:49 PM

Blogger Nova said...

praying for you

11:19 PM

Blogger Melinda said...


Bako needs a new Youth Pastor at Laurelglen Bible Church...

just a thought...

And there are always options in SC

12:53 AM

Blogger Spiffer said...

Holy Cow, Squirrelly!

I'm praying too. I was close to Bayside once, that sucks.

P.S. at the top of your post, I could have sworn you were illuding to being pregnant! It was hard to click on those links!

9:32 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Yeah, I thought that the marrage was off... Squirrelly hehe!

11:55 AM

Blogger Chilly said...

spiff and spidey - all those thoughts i thought too.

Change isn't too bad snaps. the Holy Spirit will lead you into truth.. and He show you exactly where he wants you to be. ANd later you'll be saying.. How could i have been in such worry and sadness!

GOod luck girl, praying for you! (LBC is a pretty great church! :-D) Me Mel, Rudness and Scouters all go!

12:25 PM


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