Life continues past the months of June, July, and August and so must the counselors of Day Camp.



This is my job in a nutshell.
Hope you guys are well!!


Blogger Spiffer said...

Where did you get all of those...Apple products?

3:29 PM

Blogger Riddler said...

I'm a Macintosh fanatic.

5:21 PM

Blogger Christopher said...

You're office sucks...tion cups!

5:55 PM

Blogger Jonathan said...

Cool office, brother. You must really like your really cool two windows. What you doing for the summer?

7:35 PM

Blogger Riddler said...

I'm working conferences at Cal State San Marcos. Anyone traveling to the SoCal, hollah, let the Rid know. I's got a couch (guys only).

Mount Hermon. Rear view mirror. Go!

7:15 PM

Blogger rudy said...

i was almost expecting you to be sitting there without a shirt.

11:26 PM

Blogger Riddler said...

That can be arranged. And that's a strange request. I'm too old for you, Rudy.

I know, it stings, it hurts, but let's just face the facts.

Let's be friends though.

If we can.

10:10 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Can't happen Rid. She hits on everyone.

12:27 PM

Blogger Chilly said...

you're just jealous.

3:08 PM


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