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Welcome to Nova's Wildlife show...

So I know that most of you have spent most of you lives in civilized areas, I on the other hand live in the middle of nowhere and I just thought you might enjoy seeing some of the wildlife I see between Orland and Chico on a daily basis. So here it goes, Nova's wilderness animal repot:

Sighting number 1: An old biker in purple spandex (funny? yes. wrong? yes. unwilling to pose for a photograph? unfortunatly, yes.

Sighting number 2: A turkey, stalking me, all day long, at my window...creepy I know. (he made homework impossible)

There you have it, a little boring, a little weird but hey! it's not every day you folks see a turkey that isn't sitting on your dinner table!


Blogger Frodo said...

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3:30 AM

Blogger Frodo said...

Nova, the turkey is actually God preventing you from opening your books...And when the LORD decrees that thou shalt procrastinate - thou procrastinateth!

3:31 AM

Blogger Spiffer said...

I didn't know you lived in Chico! Hey do you live near that house with the peacocks that wander all over the highway? serious. There is a crazy ol' man with peacocks up there. Check it out.

7:48 AM

Blogger Christopher said...

Frodo that's one of the funniest things you've ever wrote on here. If I ever need help procrastinating, can I give you a call?

10:24 AM

Blogger Frodo said...

Spidey...I am the chief priest in the Congregation of Procrastination (USA), and you are welcome to call me whenever.

2:07 PM

Blogger Nova said...

wow-never thought a turkey could play such a pivital roll in my life...I just thought it was funny that there was a turjey in my backyard-it actually goggled, and now I come to find out it's was a God sent could I have been so blind...and Spiff, I have seen the peacock man-I've actually almost turned he's peacocks into road kill...thankfully I didn't

8:25 PM


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